Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Mondrian Composition in Oval

Yes, you CAN combine "warm" and "cool" colors.  If Mondrian can do it, any of us can!

Painting – Mondrian, sweater – Topshop, jeans – Seven for all Mankind, pink flats – Fitzwell, grey hoodie – L.L.Bean, jeans – Maison Scotch, hi-tops - Converse

Painting – Mondrian, tweed jacket – Red Valentino, dress – Dorothy Perkins, pumps – Soft Style, tank – Malene Birger, sandals – Kors by Michael Kors, pink capris - DKNY

Painting – Mondrian, sweater – J. Crew, suede skirt – L’Agence, boots – See by Chloe, trench coat – Calvin Klein, scarf – Scotch-Soda, flats – Pied a Terre

Painting – Mondrian, sweater – Acne, pink skirt – J. Crew, flats – Ara, blouse – Mauro Grifoni, skirt – Monsoon, oxford flats – Dieppa Restrepo


  1. Sometimes I get a glimpse of how your mind works: you see something beautiful (the Mondrian) and then you construct this beautifully constructed assemblage. I remain in awe.

  2. ergh--sorry about the bad writing! I'm a bit stressed as I wait for the hurricane to make its full appearance.

  3. Never would I have put rust and grey together, but it seems to work.

  4. I need those gray Soft Style pumps (they are great shoes, Soft Style). I love so many of these combinations. So many excellent seasonal and year round combinations. sigh.

  5. I love grey and rust together but I just don't find that baby blue, especially paired with pink, to have a richness associated with a chic dresser. Even pink with grey jeans and pink shoes kinda weirds me out. It looks cheap to me. Sorry to be so blunt:/

    I do get the concept, though. Carry on. :)

    1. Try to catch Christine Lagarde in one of here icy pinks and blues some time. It changed my mind...

  6. What can you do with Kandinsky? :-)

  7. I am in love with the baby blue trench. I know I don't *need* it (I have a spectacular Burberry, bought a million years ago in London). But, oh, I'd be lying if having a colored trench wouldn't be tempting. Janice, you're my 'paring down' guru, but I'm now I'm lusting for more. *wink*

  8. And these outfits haven't even been accessorized yet. That would really pull them together even more. And I like all of them, maybe except for the pink and blue together. I would have possibly preferred pink top and faded blue denim. In any case, I would love a "Mondrian" scarf. His art would lend itself well to a wearable silk version, no?