Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brooches in Bunches

How to find vintage brooches?  All of these are currently available on Etsy, and all are of the brand Coro...


  • search for both "brooch" and "pin", and even "broach", if you can bear to
  • decide up front what your tolerance is for wear and tear: scratched enamel, yellowed rhinestones etc.
  • check the description carefully - some pieces are sold JUST for dismantling and using parts for repair - the are NOT wearable "as is"
  • Make sure that you're choosing brooches of a similar size, if you plan to group them.  Unless you want a variety of sizes, in which case - go for it!
  • If you see a design or pattern that you love, be patient, and check all over the internet.  Most of these designs were made in a variety of colors, and you just have to wait for them to become available.
Some ideas:

Apologies for the photo quality - I just DIDN'T have the energy today to blow up each of these to 800% and scrub every last little background detail (which is my usual procedure!).  This post would have take three days if I had done that...


  1. Praise be for the brooch! I am wearing them silly lately. I like fastening one to a rope of pearls or vintage necklace. Fun stuff.

  2. This is why I think the jewelry you own does't all have to be real. What a unique way to express yourself.

  3. Very helpful; I love those crowns. I now have renewed interest in pins/brooches.

  4. I'll haul mine out and look them over again. I usually only wear them on coats in the winter...but might need to get creative. Nice post. Thanks.

  5. aesthetic intelligenceJuly 15, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    even "broach", if you can bear to


    Thanks for all you do Janice, also love the new banner.

  6. What a timely post! I just ordered five enamel bird brooches on eBay because I was feeling the need for a cluster of chirps. I also looked a number of fish pins, but they weren't as colorful as the birds, nor as nice as the ones you show here.

  7. Janice, I hope you are in a marketing job because you can sell anything. :)

  8. These are great! I have a small collection of sparkly brooches left to me by my mom & granny. This inspires me to try some combinations.