Sunday, June 17, 2012

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a scarf: Tallyrand Scarf

This scarf beautifully illustrates the flags of the 17 participating countries of the Marshall plan, and architectural details from the State Apartment of the Hotel de Talleyrand.  The border of the scarf features a quote from General Marshall regarding the necessity of the Marshall Plan.  The Hotel de Talleyrand served as headquarters of the Marshall Plan from 1948 - 51.

Dress – Alberta Ferretti, cardigan – Jil Sander, sweater – Junya Watenabe, red jeans – Marc by Marc Jacobs, ballet flats – J. Crew 

Tee – Rag & Bone, pants – Emporio Armani, Red loafers – Gucci, tunicMonki, beige capris – Maxmara, espadrilles - Debenhams

Dress – Alice and Olivia, cardigan – Tory Burch, red pumps – Jimmy Choo, blue trench – Sonia Rykiel, green jeans – Paige, rain boots - Hunter

Black sweater – J. Crew, black pants – Donna Karan, gold loafers – J. Crew, white blouse – Acne, black skirt – J. Crew, red belt – J. Crew, patent ballet flats – Forever 21 


  1. Beautiful scarf and combinations. One would be hard pressed to find something where this scarf does not belong. Well done.

  2. LOVED the camel and blue post from yesterday and thought it would carry me through the weekend. Then, I saw THIS one. COLOR LOVE!

  3. Love the navy and kelly green combination with the sandals. And I love the story behind the scarf. I don't know a great deal about Hermes scarves. Does each scarf have a story behind it?

    1. Yes, there are indeed stories behind all of the Hermes designs. A lot of years, there will be a theme that ties all of the scarf designs together.

      But this is NOT an Hermes scarf - it was produced independently by the Marshall Foundation, as a fund-raiser to pay for the renovations to the building. There's still a scarf available, same style, in a different color combination, at A beautiful scarf, and a fraction of the price of a new Hermes...


  4. Wow this post is so colourful!
    These could be worn here today to perk up the gloom of June the June-uary that we are experiencing on the West coast!

  5. Janice,
    The collage is wonderful! I love the color blocking ideas . . .I am inspired to pick up a few pieces to update my ultra-classic separates! Thank you so much!

  6. Love the playful primary colors!

  7. aesthetic intelligenceJune 17, 2012 at 2:55 PM

    I usually shy away from mixing primaries for fear of looking like a circus or kindergardener, but you have the skill to make them look classy and chic.

  8. Love all the bright colors! You make me wish I was a scarf've convinced me they really pull an outfit together. I just can't get into them though, especially not this time of year.

    Love the rainboots too...if sometime you feel like throwing in some cute umbrellas, I'm really looking for one. Something fun, just not a Monet painting! I really want something more unique than that.

  9. How marvellous that some scarves have such sigifigance or a story to tell.

  10. What lovely positive energy there is in the set above.

  11. Lovely, thanks! I'd love to see a whole post about ways to wear that Blue trench coat! Jen

  12. Where is the American flag? You know, the country that proposed and funded the Marshall Plan? - A lovely scarf, but a major omission.

  13. We are in a terrible need of a marshall plan here in Greece at the moment.The situation is growing to a humanitarian crisis.The collage is a great job and very helpful for cooking up some outfits fantastic color combinations.

  14. Anonymous, the American flag is shown in blue shadow across the body of the flag. If you go to this link:, you will see it more clearly. Mary (the owner)

  15. I realize that I am late to this party. I love all the looks, but something appears to be missing from the 6th look (green pants / blue trench), unless there is a white tee shirt lurking in the background that I can't see.

    Thank you so much for all you do. I'm still reading your archives. Love your blog.

    Louise P