Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a scarf: Hermès Mosaic au 24

DressJarbo, earrings – Tinley Road, pumps – Joan & David, white jeans – Awear, boots - Repetto

Tank – Patagonia, White skirt – Topshop, orange cord sandals – Debenhams, cream lace dress – Romwe, orange denim jacketDelias, espadrilles – Fair+True

Cashmere sweater – J. Crew, Black skirt – Joseph, riding boots – Frye, navy tee – MTWTFSS, capris – Toast, navy sandals – Wallis Fashion

Silk blouse – Acne, pants – Fenn Wright Manson, belt – Asos, flats – Stuart Weitzman, trench coat - Patagonia, boots - Hunter


  1. What fun colors! I especially love the bright boots.

  2. Thank you, thank you, Janice, for doing my scarf! As I said, it's a beautiful scarf, but the colors are tricky. Now I have to study this and figure out how to work some of these looks into my wardrobe. I was a bit surprised to see the navy pieces, would not have thought to put navy with that scarf!

    Thank you again....love your blog!

  3. Great color combos!

  4. Interesting combinations and a gorgeous scarf. The pop of colour really lifts the mood.

  5. These colors are delish! Years and years ago as a preteen, I did babysitting for a stylish, college-educated, stay-at-home (and frustrated about it) mom, still in her 20s and stuck in a small town, trying to keep busy and creative after a rather glam life (her father was a wealthy military general and she'd lived all over the world). Looking back on it, I think she was very bored with the middle-class, suburban world she'd wound up in with her young husband and toddler. She was a gourmet cook, kept a lovely home with beautiful fresh flower arrangements...and she was an expert seamstress. It just wasn't enough, and she got divorced and a PhD later on but, gosh, how I loved to see her 1960s-era, Barbie doll/Jackie Kennedy "couture" clothes come together. To this day, I remember a gorgeous sheath she made, which was actually two pieces, with the bodice a burnished burnt orange velveteen and a skirt portion, probably silk, shimmering with tones/threads of copper, gold, mustard, tangerine, magenta. (She used only the best fabrics.) Ever since, I am magnetized to any outfit (or pillow cover, or art on the wall, etc.) that blends pinks with oranges. For me, those color combos have a sort of Moroccan or Indian (sari?)-influenced beauty. I moved into a home where blooms (annually, right about now) magnificent, huge, tropical-looking flowers (from a succulent under oak trees) with deep magenta petals and orangy bits in their centers so, as in so many things, these colors exist in nature. I love it when orange bougainvillea trails alongside its magenta sisters. I guess on the rainbow scale, we would see reds/pinks cuddling up to colors of oranges and yellows. I am crazy about bright colors! I want that Hermes scarf!

  6. I love how you paired everything in this post! Hermes Scarves are especially Amazing.
    - Anne