Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Variations on a dress: grey, with sleeves

Yes, I firmly believe that you can wear flat shoes with a dress.  Re-train your eye to see the beauty of a confident, graceful walk...

Grey dress – La Garconne, bracelets – Buckle, bag & pumps – Debenhams, yellow earrings – Kate Spade, yellow clutch – Ted Baker, yellow flats – J. Crew

Grey dress – La Garconne, scarf – Emilio Pucci, clutch bag – Lanvin, slingbacks – Wallis Fashion, carnelian bracelet – Sydney Evan, orange & grey bag – Mysuelly, wedge pumps – J. Crew

Grey dress – La Garconne, chain necklace – Olivia Collings, silver bag – Kelly & Katie, grey flats – Aerosoles, scarf – Hermès, red bag – Lulu Guinness, red pumps – Christin Michaels

Grey dress – La Garconne, amethyst earrings – Deborah Pagani, purple bag – Salvatore Ferragamo, purple pumps – Miu Miu, earrings – Irene Neuwirth, flowered bag – Cath Kidson, peach flats – J. Crew


  1. I especially love the grey and purple (and I don't usually like purple!)

  2. Great dress, great ideas!

  3. Just to note--a shoemaker can shorten heels! I had some ankle boots taken down an inch. They went from excruciating to quite wearable.

  4. Lovely ideas I really like the pink, yellow, peach, blue and orange sets. The red and purple would be nice for a party in December.

    Danielle, thank you for the tip on shortening heels.

  5. Thanks! Lovely, lovely... These days I am collecting ideas for outfits with grey.
    Greetings from Germany :-)