Friday, June 15, 2012

The key to travel

Being fit.

Travel, at least the way I seem to do it, involves a lot of walking, standing, lifting and carrying.  If you're not prepared physically to handle that aspect of the journey, everything is more difficult.

If you've got a trip coming up, do yourself a favor and invest in some hand weights, and a good pair of walking shoes.  And use them.  You will be happier, in so many ways...

Back to normal blog posting service tomorrow!


  1. Amen. My family tends to walk 3, 4, 5, or more miles daily when we're on vacation. One day in Paris last year, we logged almost 7 miles. Being fit and wearing good shoes are key for days like that. Also, not overpacking so that my suitcase and tote bag are manageable.

  2. So true! Upper body strength and strong legs that can walk and walk and walk are key for travel.
    On our recent trip to Europe, my husband and I took a 12 mile walk through the Berner-Oberland Valley of Switzerland. My legs were very tired at the end of that day but not so much that I couldn't spend the next day on my feet.

  3. Work travel can be very strenuous, especially when it comes to lifting carry on luggage into the overhead, running through airports when there are gate changes are short connection times, and dashing up/down stairs in airports/train stations. Coupled with lack of sleep and delayed meals, good physical condition is required for success.

  4. For travel, resistance bands are a lot more portable. And don't set off airport security :-).

  5. I travel a lot on business. I work out in my hotel by doing the following:

    1) Push-ups
    2) Reverse curls (sitting on edge of chair)
    3) Lunges
    4) Squats
    5) Plank
    6) Tricep dips (using edge of tub)
    7) Bicep curls (using a resistance band)