Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Four by four Capsule Wardrobe: the entire summer

So if you remember from yesterday, we had these garments in our Four by Four capsule wardrobe, planned for a trip to the shore:

All items: L.L.Bean

After finding that these items worked really well for our specific needs, it was determined that the entirety of the summer wardrobe would be purchased with the same guidelines.

First, a little something in darker colors, just so our jeans don't get lonely in the laundry!

All items: L.L.Bean

And then a really pretty color, just because it's summer, and because it goes with our three neutrals:

All items: L.L.Bean

Some more tops, in a variety of colors, and a few more essential summer accessories...

All items: L.L.Bean

All items: L.L.Bean

With these 24 garments, your summer is pretty much handled...


These garments are used for illustrative purposes, although in fairness, many women would be very well-served by the timeless style and quality of their merchandise.


  1. I love your choices!

    Hope you have not been getting flack for the LL Bean selections. I, too, love their clothing for the timeless silhouettes and the ease of care.

  2. Thanks! I took your advice and did this for a trip to Florida to see my parents.
    Four navy/Four white with a few touches of coral and bright blue. I already owned most of it. It was so easy and continues to be my summer favorites.
    It made me feel so organized and I had the smallest suitcase in the family!

  3. This my first time packing according to your principles and my very small bag is ready! This was much harder than I anticipated, and it took some time to get over the 'what ifs' that never happen. Thanks for all your help.

  4. This relates back too the comment about women coming in to shop and buying random pieces on sale and never looking as well turned out as the women who shop a couple of times a year and buy complete outfits. I have stopped buying. I have bought a random cotton skirt and a striped top this summer. Now, I think about what I buy instead of buying what's on sale.

  5. I think the quality of LL Bean is very acceptable. My quibble is the fit which can be boxy. I'm sure that's not the case with every piece, and to be truthful, I haven't bought LL Bean in a while.

  6. Hi Janice,

    A little while back you mentioned buying a product bar in Ireland to remove spots on white clothing while traveling. Have you ever seen this product in other countries? Our local supermarket has some products - all liquid - by the same manufacturer, but no bar.

    I have been trying to follow your priciples with my work clothing and find that I am wearing the same items more per month than I did last year.

    Can you plan a few back-to-work titles for August / September?

    1. The bars are called "Vanish" bars. They come in hot pink packaging. I suspect they're available in England; most things in Ireland are sold in both countries...

      And I will start planning fall things soon - I'm so jealous of people who have the summer off!

  7. I love this collection. I could easily see myself in all of the colors. I was in the process of rethinking my entire wardrobe when I stumbled across your blog. I have gone back over all your old posts. You have given me a lot to think about. Other than a couple of basic white and cream tees, I am not buying anything while I figure out what I have that works and what doesn't. Thanks so much for all your hard work.