Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And a wee bit of packing...

over at Tish's always delightful blog.  Enjoy!


  1. If you were going to come visit us in the hot humid south, where a few days ago it was 100 and muggy, would you have any good black pants you could pack? I'm in search of!

    The obvious thought is linen but I've found black linen fades badly, shows iron marks and ends up looking really casual. Plus it really doesn't feel all that cool.

    1. I live in hot, humid Washington DC and have a weekday 2+ mile commute to and from Metro-I have found that buying ankle length (offers a wee bit of extra air) helps, and that pants made of a cotton "sateen" can work well. They look a little dressy and have enough "hand" to sort of stay away from clinging. Talbots sometimes has good buys on these. But truly, skirts/loose dresses are often the only option to be even remotely comfortable!