Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Packing for My honeymoon, in pink and black

Way back when, when I married belovedest, we went to Florence and Venice for our honeymoon.  It was late March and early April, cool evenings and beautiful sunny days.  And I absolutely SPLURGED on more pink clothing that I've ever worn before or since.  A blissful time...

Travel outfit: a simple black cardigan and pants, with a white tee shirt, a PINK coat and wonderful scarf
 black cardigan – Ganni, earrings – Kimberly McDonald, white tee – Michael Stars, 
Scarf – Roberto Cavalli, Pink coat – Jil Sander, black pants – Donna Karan, patent loafers – Tod’s
black tote – Big Buddha

A 10 piece travel capsule wardrobe in pink, black and white, for a warm weather romantic vacation
sunglasses – Dorothy Perkins, pearl earrings – Kate Spade, pink lace top – J. Crew,
 white short-sleeved button-front top – Kookai, pink cashmere cardigan – Marc Jacobs, 
pearl necklace – Kate Spade, black silk tee – 3.1 Phillip Lim, black capris – Wallis Fashion, 
pink paisley print top – Emilio Pucci, black patent flats – Geox, black patent sandals – Thierry Rabotin
black sleeveless dress – Narcisso Rodriguez, paisley sleeveless blouse and skirt – Jil Sander, 
silver kitten heel pumps – John Lewis, Clutch – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Two outfits from a 10 piece travel capsule wardrobe, for a romantic warm weather vacation

Two outfits from a 10 piece travel capsule wardrobe, for a romantic warm weather vacation

Two outfits from a 10 piece travel capsule wardrobe, for a romantic warm weather vacation

Two outfits from a 10 piece travel capsule wardrobe, for a romantic warm weather vacation


  1. Love shocking pink w/ black. Hmmmm. I never had a honeymoon. I will be trying to make up for it this summer and beyond.

  2. Gorgeous. Positively inspired. As always.

  3. Fabulous I just color blocked my closet. It took most of the morning, but now I can see where I am headed. I have clothes in 4 closets in the house. It light of what I have learned here., I should be able to fit it in one. Anyhow, that is the goal. It might take another purge or two, but thinking about filling in the gaps with better quality clothes is exciting. If one is not out buying junk, I should be able to afford better clothes.
    Mucho thanks again!

  4. I've never worn pink with black, but think I should. Thank you for this.

  5. Thank you for this post. I ADORE pink. :-)


  6. Wow what a beautiful spring-y selection! I love your choices. I also think you are somehow getting in to my brain. I was cruising the racks at Ross yesterday and spotted a charcoal Tee. Not my color, but my first thought was *I'll bet Vivienne would like this*!! I giggled my way out of the store empty-handed.

  7. I love it !!! As always you inspire us .. I was thinking in black&white for my week in Florence this July but perhaps I can add a bit of colour......
    Because it's a special occasion, and we'll be travelling with close friends to celebrate I want it to be memorable(AKA look nice in the photos!!!!)
    I wonder if you can help me.
    Lots of thanks from Spain

  8. I hope that sometime you will write about the development of your style, your sense of wardrobe coordination and the organization and putting together of a look.

    You suggest that this honeymoon was quite a while ago. Still, based on the choices, discipline, and aesthetic, I'm guessing you were a relatively mature woman, either in years or style or both, when you went on this honeymoon. Which made me wonder how a woman of your sense of style came into it.

    Did you inherit this approach from your mother or other relatives? Were you disciplined and coordinated and quality-oriented from youth? Did you have to figure it all out by yourself? Who were your mentors/models, either literally or virtually? What lessons did you have to learn to bring you to your present wardrobe sensibility?

    Anything along these lines that you would be willing to share at some point would be not just fascinating but, I suspect, quite helpful.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous honeymoon wardrobe, by the way. Inspiring.

  9. I love this one! Esp. that J Crew lace top is calling my name. I think it's funny how pink carries all this extra meaning...I've known so many teenagers and even women just refusing to wear pink because they think it's anti-feminist or something. What other color has hidden political meaning?!

    In packing around a color theme though, does it matter so much if you don't have prints or scarves? With black pants and cardigan, plain jewelry for accessories, why not a rainbow of tops?

    1. You know that they didn't make a big thing about "pink is for girls, blue is for boys" until the 20th century? It's just a color, after all, and if one is flattered by it, one should wear it. Anybody who would think me un-feminist because I'm wearing pink just doesn't know me very well!

      And while I can certainly envision a variety of tops, but I don't think it's terribly wise to own a rainbow of anything. Narrowing down one's personal style variables to include an edited list of colors is one of the (to me) essential steps to dressing oneself sensibly.

      I'm going to pursue your idea though - the packing/small wardrobe idea is always germinating in my mind!

  10. Oh, rats! The J Crew lace T has see through shoulders. I'm not big on showing bra straps, even though I see it often. If you see anything else bright pink and lacey, please post it!

    And speaking of, where do you stand on the visible bra strap issue?

  11. With the J. Crew tee - a racer-back bra. Should hide behind the lined body of the top, AND keep your straps from falling down all day.
    And in my world, undergarments are just that: UNDER. I still cringe when I see bra straps...
    thanks for being here!

  12. I love a strong clear pink with black or grey, and, like your boards, it always tells a romantic (from courtly through racy) story. Those Jil Sander pants prove, once again, the supremacy of cut. Not all black pants are equal.

  13. This may be the first thing you said I can't really embrace. I really do want the rainbow. No matter how much I like a particular color, I don't want to be wearing the same color scheme day in and day out in real-life. I can see for streamlined packing, but as much as I like pink... or purple... I don't want to wear it exclusively for even a week. Even with all of your beautiful pictures, I would still get tired of being in the same color all the time.

  14. I cannot wear pink, but this is a real inspiration -- I'm picturing a similar capsule with dark brown and corals for a trip this summer. I have to say that these travel capsules have been marvelous. I just got back from a business/vacation trip to the UK where I packed everything for presentations, posh dinners, and sightseeing in my one 22" suitcase. The packing for transitional seasons were an absolute boon! Also, when I went shopping with Mom -- it was sooooo easy to just scan the racks for my colors and walk away when they weren't there (and to say a fast and easy no to things not in my color scheme, no matter how beautiful they were). I am happy to say that I did FINALLY find my new summer coat (after a 10 year search) in the most beautiful and perfect color. You have been an inspiration. Susan (in Minneapolis)

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