Sunday, April 01, 2012

Customizing the Classics: The Navy Blazer

Navy blazer – Armani Jeans

Biker – Dorothy Perkins, silk twill – Jil Sander, wool – Balenciaga, silk tussah – Stella McCartney, waterfall – John Lewis

Double-breasted cardigan – Marc by Marc Jacobs, self-belted cardigan – Steffen Schraut, leather belted cardigan – Michael Michael Kors, silk cardigan with pockets – Marc Jacobs

Grey, black and taupe blazers – Topshop, brown blazer – Jil Sander

Navy merino cardigan – J. Crew, black cardigan – Zadig et Voltaire, beige belted cardigan- Schumacher, white drawstring cardigan – Hugo Boss


  1. Thank you for this post! Navy is one of my core neutrals, but I just cannot pull off a blazer. Somehow I am always uncomfortable and it just looks awkward, not elegant. I am therefore currently knitting myself a navy blue cardigan in a style that works for me (i.e., shawl collar, hem at the hip-bone, and interesting cuffs to emphasize one of my positive features - slender hands). I am hoping this will work for me despite the plethora of advice about navy blazers. You've just validated my own independent conclusion. Thank you!

  2. I like the softer unconstructed options.
    You've got a great eye for detail Vivienne!

    I had a navy blazer in wool years ago and I wore it out.
    The blazer with jeans a white top, Hermes scarf and pearl or diamond studs is simple and chic.

  3. Well, this is one time I will disagree with you. There is no way a cardigan can accomplish the same look as a tailored jacket, and sometimes a cardigan just isn't appropriate. The belted one you showed is beautiful because it's shown to look perfectly, but for most of us cardi's tend to be much more casual than this appears. I love your sense of style, except on this little point. xx's

  4. Thank you for this post; I agree with you all the way. I owned and wore a navy blazer many years ago when I had to wear suits to work (the dress for success 80s). It is a terribly unflattering look for me. I'm in a more casual industry now, so dressy cardigans work-and look much better!

  5. I love navy, but never know what to wear on the bottom aside from khakis (which I don't wear) or jeans (which I do). Any ideas?

  6. My navy jacket is patterned with some grey in it. I like a blazer with long lines. I've been shopping for one in black, without much success.

  7. I so enjoy your blog! As a recently retired person in the extremely casual state of Idaho, I love the alternatives to the blazer look. I hadn't actually seen it as *just* a second layer. I came across your blog last week and as many others when they come to you, have read every post and every comment since you started. Many thanks for the education!

  8. i would so love to have a classic blazer in black, maybe navy and perhaps a black and white tweed. however, i have simply been unable to find one that's a comfortable fit. i find many very fetching ones that end up being tight under the arms--partly my physiology and partly current styles. the brand theory in particular always attracts me, and yet they never quite fit. perhaps i need to search for a raglan sleeve blazer! still looking.....

    1. May I chime in and suggest you buy up in size (or your closest size without being small) and have it tailored to fit? There is nothing better than tailoring to make a garment really look fabulous on:)

  9. What a great collection! Love it!

  10. Yes, thank you for this! I am a hard fit for blazers. And even if I find one that does fit, it often doesn't feel like "me". I would love to have a couple of custom made blazers--now that would be great! ~~Bliss

  11. frugalscholar (if you are still following),

    I usually wear a navy blazer with white jeans (occasionally white linen wide-leg pants) and a simple Breton top. Navy ballet flats, and an old-but-much loved Longchamp navy leather shoulder bag, or, when necessary, a French straw market basket with long leather handles à la Brigitte Bardot. That's on a warm Spring day here in Avignon. On a cooler day, a simple navy cashmere sweater, and a Hermès silk foulard replace the Breton top. Hope this gives you a bit of inspiration!