Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chic sighting x2 - at the bakery counter

Some amazing color combinations, on some VERY nice, and lovely women...

Argyle cardigan – Pringle of Scotland, blouse – Tory Burch, earrings – Elizabeth and James, tote bag – Barneys New York, short boots – Acne, – Burberry Prorsum

Down vest – Moncler, scarf – Barneys New York, sweater – Ralph Lauren, jeans – Old Navy


  1. I love both these look but especially that coral and taupe look; just gorgeous!

  2. Lovely - and I particularly appreciate the color pairing in the topmost outfit.

  3. Blue and pink, blue and pink. I love it! what a good eye you have.

  4. Hello,

    Who are you and where have you been all my wardrobe life? I have been an avid style blog reader for the last year and I just found your blog. Magnificent is too mild a word to describe it! I feel a transformation defending upon me...I love your philosophy of simplicity and elegance, and of measured frugality. I have so much to learn. I adore your capsules. I am no longer standing in front of my closet full of 'stuff' and thinking I have nothing to wear. So tell me; is there a book in the works? If so...can I be the first to own one? If there is no book in the works, WHY NOT? Love love love love love this brilliant and transformative blog.

  5. I meant to say "descending" .....

  6. Hi, I continue to love your blog, great mix of your own ideas and observations of others. I am travelling at the moment, and used your outfit combination idea, put everything together on the bed and it saved me taking too much. But is is raining here for a few days, so I should have brought cropped pants as the hems are now wet. Could you do a post on looking stylish in the wet?

  7. Lisa, I feel the same way. The Vivienne files are transforming my life. I have spent the last month rethinking not only my closet and wardrobe, but how I live my life. There is so much food for thought in this blog. I only wish I had the wisdom of this lifestyle much earlier in my life.

  8. Love that orange and tan combo! I agree with Lisa, wish I had found this blog a long time ago!!

  9. I especially adore the pink and blue outfit! Thanks for the attractive post!

  10. I could never get "it"! Then I discovered your blog. I get it! I get it! When I come back from my holiday in Thailand, watch out - a complete transformation is going to happen in my wardrobe. I am so very blessed to have found you. What a wonderful help you are to me. I have been so clueless, and yet tried so hard for soooooo many years!!! I am studying EVERY posting and am so excited that I can finally put it all together - thank you, you have all my gratitude from the bottom of my heart. God bless you. Antonia

  11. Vivienne, as you see from all these heart-felt posts, you are transforming lives from the inside out, one cluttered closet and clueless suitcase at a time. So, thank you.

  12. Vivienne, I love the blue/pink outfit since it is closer to my colour palette, but I admit that the first one is pretty at the right person too.
    The weather is getting hotter and I would love to know your vision of basics for hot summer weather that include dresses both for the office and for informal wear.
    Yestareday when I was surfing through your blog for a zillion time I caught myself thinking "What shall I do if she'll stop writing in her blog?". What a horror idea!
    Thank you so much for your ideas that you share so generously. As many others I also admire your reflections on life, not only on fashion.

  13. Ditto everything everyone has said about the transformative nature of your blog.

    Would you consider doing a hot (not warm) weather capsule for casual + business casual wear? And would you do it without dresses? I know a lot of people see dresses as their style salvation in hot weather, and I wish I was one of them, but I'm not. Because of having to wear compression tights, I can only wear dresses or skirts for business or dress-up, when the pantyhose or tights look is slightly acceptable.

    This means I can only wear pants (cropped pants, shorts, and casual skirts are out for the same reason as dresses) and closed shoes. But if you want to show a mix of pants, shorts, and casual skirts so that this is a wardrobe that most people can relate to, not just me, I can translate from the other bottoms to just pants. Mostly I want to know how to look chic when all I can do is put together a pant and top and hope for the best.

    Thank you!

    1. I have to wear compression tights also, but do not let this keep me from wearing dresses and skirts. If you have lymphedema or vein insuffiency, there is a new tool called the flexi touch which may allow you to go without the tights some of the time.

  14. Love the first combo. Inspirational.

  15. One never knows what amazing talent the person behind the bakery counter possesses. :)