Friday, March 16, 2012

Dueling Dresses: the first hot day in Chicago...

Dress - Shakuhachi

Jacket – Dondup, leather belt – Isabel Marant, gladiator sandals – Giuseppe Zanotti, grey cardigan – Odd Molly, boots – Christian Dior, earrings – Miriam Haskell


  1. Oh, my, that's an extreme look for Chicago, especially in the afternoon! What was she thinking?? Clearly, she doesn't read your blog!

  2. lol! i'd say the problem was the shoes!

  3. I would find walking in the flat shoes almost as challenging. Paper thin, zero cushion or support, barely better than barefoot. The day someone comes up with shoes that feel like running shoes and look like stylish sandals, I will think we've achieved real equality. Until then, even the best of us are still fashion victims because men would not put up with the shoes women are offered. :(

    1. I so agree! Who could do serious walking on city sidewalks in those gladiator sandals? Love that cinch belt, though.

  4. Here in Montreal, the high fringed shootie in mid-day would be no big deal. Women here love this sort of thing. But the whole ensemble would be worn by a 20-something. My aesthetic is firmly on the left, but sometimes I'm in awe of what women with very different taste can pull off.

  5. Was in Chicago for the first time this weekend. I was amazed at the clothing! My husband said "if that's what they wear in the spring do they go naked in the summer?" Saw lots of strange things but I think in part due to the holiday. I hope......