Thursday, March 22, 2012

Airport follies

So in the last 48 hours, I've been on:

  • 4 subways
  • 3 buses
  • 2 airplanes
  • 1 taxi
and I logged more time hanging out in 2 airports than I'd care to relive, except for the AMAZING people-watching.

At LaGuardia yesterday, they should have had a paramedic team on standby all day, because I saw FOUR different women fall off of their shoes, in a 90-minute period.  If there is ever a day in your life when you must assume you're going to be walking a lot, it's a day when you fly.  Sometimes I feel like I've walked halfway from Chicago to my destination before I ever get on a plane, and that's a phenomenon that gets repeated after arrival.  So what prompts someone to wear 6-inch heels with 2-inch platforms when they're traveling?

I'm happy to report that no men fell down when I was watching.  Le sigh... 

I did see some very attractive ensembles when I was looking about; I'll try to pull them together for you in the next day or two.  My sleep patterns are wrecked!


  1. oh my goodness. I'm with you...I have no idea why anyone would wear high heels when traveling. Love the contrast with the men. :)

  2. I know how exhausting it is to fly from Europe to the USA, no matter how rested you are beforehand. The walking...forgeddaboutit. And, those shoe women? Crazy crazy crazy. But, I may have done this when I was younger :)'s

  3. It's taken me a LONG time, but I am finally so over heels. Flats for me - even for the opera in two weeks! It just makes no sense to break an ankle for vanity. Get some sleep.

  4. crazy for sure. I am looking forward to your upcoming posts though!

  5. My daughter and I LOVE to analyze outfits in airports too. The fanciest dressers were in Salt Lake City--very ostentatiously attired people on skiing trips, we think.

  6. You are the voice of sensibility. Thank you! I got in some people watching at the art museum today. Leopard leggings AND a hot pink hair bow?

  7. Heels really?
    I'd be in flats for sure...
    how embarrassing to fall in a people packed place like an airport.

  8. Thanks for beautiful style advice WITH sensible shoes. Copied your Bistro dressing just the other day. Alas, no Hermes or Bistro, but I felt well put together all the same.

  9. Isn't people watching the best fun! Love your ensemble advice- have just discovered you via Tish- my whole attitude to my wardrobe has changed!
    get some sleep and keep it coming

  10. i love hearing this as i have never been able to understand really high heels! also, i adore people-watching in airports....even better than traveling!

  11. Lol who travels with heels I wonder? I'm laughing not because of the embarrassment, but the serious uncomfortable feet in those heels. I hope no one got hurt.