Monday, February 06, 2012

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe in soft, warm colors with green and beige

Someone suggested that I build a wardrobe based on my old blog photograph, of Melrose Abbey in Scotland.  These are beautiful, subtle colors that combine in lovely ways, and I could have chosen a hundred different palettes, just based on this one photo!   Build your own color-schemes, based on photos, here.

Striped Sweater – Jane Norman, sweater – Acne, tee shirt – Kain Label, Dress – Topshop, chinos – Jack Wills, jeans – Oasis, skirt – Blumarine, scarf - Hermes

Sweater – Vanessa Bruno, linen shirt – Acne, Duffle coat – Miu Miu, Trench – Burberry, cardigan – Woolrich, silk sweater – Private B, striped tee shirt – Sign Kora, jacket - Etro

Crepe top – Marni, cardigan – J. Crew, tee – Iris von Arnim, tee – The Row, Velour jeans – Citizens of Humanity, leather skirt – Malene Birger, striped sweater – Chinti and Parker, jeans - Quiksilver

Tree of life scarf – Liberty London, sunglasses – Prism New York, clutch bag – Linea Sophie, chocolate moonstone earrings – Andrea Fohrman, green earrings – Alexis Bittar, cargo bag – Fossil, printed scarf – Mulberry, green cashmere scarf – Massimo Alba, gloves – D&G, ring – Jamie Joseph, bracelets – Chan Luu, short boots – Rag & Bone, ballet flats – Calvin Klein Jeans, desert boots – Tod’s, umbrella – Barney’s New York, pumps – Simply Soles, watch – Michael Kors, suede loafers – Steve Alan


  1. What an unusual concept but it has worked out so well. Beautiful colours and coordinating of the outfits. Congratulations.

  2. That is some pretty advanced color coordinating. Absolutely beautiful, and would work with a number of complexions. I'm fascinated by this tool - cant wait to try it out myself.

  3. This is lovely. It's the ideal color palette I'm making a transition to, leaving darker and stronger neutrals behind, gradually, as I age/grey. I've printed it out for inspiration. Those shades and saturation levels are not easy to find in a world of very brights, so thanks for the selections. It looks like a "soft autumn" palette, maybe some "soft summer" too, according to the Sciart system. I haven't had my colors done, because I now know, without a doubt, my best palette. Revelatory for me.

  4. (((Swissy)))
    I'm so happy! While I think that having one's colors done can be helpful for some, I think that there are a lot of us who have known since birth what we wear best, and prefer.
    thanks for being here,

  5. Wow, I loved that header and now you have translated it into a wonderful wardrobe.I also agree that sometimes we spend too much time and angst worrying about our "right' colours. I think we need to let go of some rules and merge ourselves into the colours that speak to us. or sing to us. Even if they are "wrong", we are happy. Just like those carpet boots, they are still singing to me. Luckily, I can't find where to purchase them!!

    Deb from Vancouver

  6. I love this post and you always choose the most classic pieces that anyone can wear. I am so enjoying your blog and your wonderful advice. I am going to Paris in Sept. this year for two weeks and would love to see a comfortable travel wardrobe for lots of tours and walking!

  7. Dear Vivienne,

    Thanks for the endless inspiration you bring to us!

    I wonder if you would consider putting together a classic wardrobe with a little 'rock' flavour to it (no skulls, I know)?

    I love dressing over basic neutral separates, mostly solid colours, but I feel a need to express a certain irreverent, playful side of my personality in the way I dress.

    I work in a University in Scandinavia (cold climate!) doing research and teaching. The work environment is very informal, no dress code, but there are occasions when I need to 'exude authority', and others when I need to be a person that students find approachable, inspirational as well as trustworthy... I like a casual feel to things, and classics that have a little twist in some way. I am more a long-scarf than square-scarf person, I like leather (jackets), and go crazy when I see polka dots (white on black or red)

    My body type is tall hour glass, and I am a soft winter. I like a basis of black, charcoal and creme, and I'm fond of softer 'gem colours', especially blue. For jewellery I use silver. The header of your blog (from Venice) definitely makes me sing!

    I know this is a lot to ask, but it would be great fun to see what you could come up with!

  8. PS - soft winter might not have been the best expression in my post above. I'm a winter bording on spring, someone told me, which makes sense to me because I love both winter and spring colour schemes. So, not the harshest of the winter colours!

  9. I love that you've included an umbrella. Thanks to this blog, I've started to think more systematically about outerwear accessories.

    Also, please excuse the imposition, but I have tagged you in a meme.

  10. aesthetic intelligenceFebruary 6, 2012 at 9:03 PM

    Oh. My. Gosh. Another amazing capsule.
    These colors work well with my complexion and I am so going to use this as part of my template.

  11. Hi! I'm hoping you can help me with a shopping dead end. I really need something specific for an event where I'm going to be interviewed on film. The color theme is purple and I'll be wearing an informal but fitted black suit jacket that zips up. I'm looking for a vibrant purple top that will look good under that. It has to be solid, and nothing too dark because I'm afraid that will just blend in too much with the black, plus I'm super pale.

    I don't wear button up type blouses much so I hate to get something like that that I wouldn't get much use out of later. I'd like something that would look good without the jacket for maximum wear. Any ideas?

    1. I have some excellent quality tee shirts from Lands' End. They currently carry a crew neck, short-sleeved Supima cotton tee shirt that's about $20. Not too much of an investment, in case you don't find that you wear it terribly often.

  12. Beautiful! (again) :-)
    I could wear something this for the rest of my days! Do you think it would fit my grey hair?

    Greetings from Germany

  13. Someone with grey hair could definitely wear these colors!

  14. Hi, first time here on your beautiful blog.
    Love every single detail about this post, the colors, the shoes, beautiful classic casual wardrobe, just my style.
    Warm hugs from Brasil.