Thursday, February 16, 2012

my wardrobe: the curating begins!

So I've decided that I'm going to curate my wardrobe in groupings of eight, in keeping with the plan that seems to be working so well for other wardrobes that I build!  And first up, the highly utilitarian work wardrobe for the winter holidays.  Cotton turtlenecks from Lands' End, sweatshirts from Lands' End and Adidas, and jeans from NYDJ (stretch jeans are ESSENTIAL if climbing is in your job description).  I didn't need a lot of clothes, because I'd have to come home most evenings and immediately launder whatever I'd been wearing...

To me, this wardrobe, while not particularly dressy or innovative, is elegant, if you define elegance as simple, timeless, and appropriate to the situation at hand!

And I've chosen to include eight accessories/pieces of outerwear with each eight garments that I choose.  For the winter holiday work, I have to have: 
  • my Barbour coat, 
  • cheap black earmuffs from who knows where, 
  • Falke leather gloves that I've had for AT LEAST 10 years, 
  • my Camper pelotas shoes (best climbing shoes ever!), 
  • an Hermes scarf (yes, I wear Hermes with a sweatshirt)
  • two paisley scarves from Diwali Paris,
  • stainless steel ball earrings.  I'd love to wear other jewelry, but I have to wear something that won't chip or scratch if I catch a box in the face.  Yes, that happens!


  1. Nicely done...taking work casual to a higher bar by adding great accessories.

  2. When I'm actually "in the trenches" I don't wear a scarf - it would get ruined in a heartbeat! But at least when I'm walking up and down Michigan Avenue (my "commute") I try to step it up and take some care with my appearance. And the juxtaposition of an Hermes scarf with sweatshirts is so much fun!

  3. You're much better at minimalism than I would be. Did you ever get bored with such a limited color palette? I'd have been tempted to sneak in one or two colorful items to cheer myself up. I only do laundry once a week as I don't have a washer/dryer at home (but my boyfriend does and I'm there weekends). Did you hand wash what you wore every night, or maybe have a machine at home? I also tend to layer more as I get hot and cold easily. So, I would have slipped a short sleeve under the turtleneck as I'd get warm most likely running around with boxes.

    I look forward to the other wardrobes too.

  4. Love this capsule of 8. It seem applicable to many casual situations and manages to be polished and practical both.
    I also find looking a 8 items much less visually confusing than a larger assortment. Wonderful!

  5. You are right: this is elegant. And I love earmuffs!

  6. I do consider elegaance as you describe it above. You have my "everyday" cool weather uniform to almost the exact items, except that I live in an old (1790) house in a cold climate. So sweatshirts are for the late fall and early spring. Winter means a thick sweater, occasionally fleece, if it's really good quality. And I love Land's end turtlenecks. Mine are heathered beige, plum, pine green and brown, all heathered, as is my wont.I also wear a lovely scarf when I go out, nice gloves and boots and hats.
    Waiting to see the next batch...

  7. Ah Swissy, I love your commitment to heathered colors. A palette of beige, plum, pine and brown has a lot of potential...
    big hug,

  8. " define elegance as simple, timeless, and appropriate to the situation at hand!"

    I love your definition of elegance.

  9. Do you ever get bored with such limited colors?

  10. I love the fact that you begin by examining your needs for the daily life you really live. By reading how you go about creating your wardrobes, I realized that currently I never wear a dress or a skirt. My silhouette is pretty limited, and I was growing increasingly unhappy with my monotonous wardrobe ... until I realized that expanding my neutrals from black and gray (with certain shades of blue and dark red accents as well as white) to include browns and off-white (and perhaps some navy ?) gives me the variation I am coming to crave. The trick for me is to limit the accent colors and the colors of leather goods knowing that I can carefully mix my neutrals in classic ways. I was very drawn to your black and brown wardrobes mixed with blue and berry as well as your examples of classic men's wear on the streets of Chicago. I understand the principles of capsule dressing, but applied them without imagination. I had gotten into a rut. You have shown me ways to re-examine my assumptions and refresh my wardrobe while still maintaining a disciplined approach.

    Susan in WA

  11. This is a very nice 2-4-2 wardrobe. You're fortunate that you can wash your clothes everyday. This series looks serious and responsible, especially when you have good posture.


  12. I don't get bored wearing neutral colors - I've never looked to my wardrobe for excitement, since I have quite enough stimulation in every other aspect of my life! For me, the calm, neutral background for my accessories, and for my face and hair, is what is really best for me. As with all things, your mileage may vary!

    And in reality, I was doing laundry every other day or so - by the time I piled on my husband's workout clothes, a few pajamas etc., we had enough for a small load of dark clothes. My building has the world's MOST luxurious laundry room...

  13. aesthetic intelligenceFebruary 18, 2012 at 3:34 PM

    I really like that you are curating by season and function. I'm in the process of trying to do the same, so I'm eagerly anticipating further installments.
    The transition times between seasons are a challenge for me.

  14. Ahhh, elegant and calm; just love this wardrobe.