Saturday, February 11, 2012

Michigan Avenue Style Lab: classic coats, vibrant accessories

Fedora – Rag & Bone, scarf – Faliero Sarti, coat – Yves Saint Laurent, peacoat – Burberry, scarf – Whistles, gloves – Lacoste

Hot pink scarf – Fendi, Hot pink gloves – Dents, denim jacket – H&M, teal beanie – Topshop, leather jacket – Reiss, scarf – J. Crew


  1. aesthetic intelligenceFebruary 11, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    The top left would work best for me, in color and style.
    I also like the hat and scarf in the lower right, how do you think they would work with the coat in the upper right?

  2. Always fun to see "outerware" styled with care.

    You have mentioned that you have been criticized for using examples of very expensive clothing, but the truth is that you have created a lot of different ways of systematically planning a wardrobe and getting the most for a clothing budget ... regardless of the size of that budget. Your blog has a bit of fantasy, but, at the same time, it is so very helpful.

    I clipped your Vivienne files on the Yahoo group .. so I have been a fan of your "work" for a long time. I also used Frances Patiky Stein's book HOT TIPS (written in 1981!) who had a wonderful presentation of the "capsule wardrobe" concept. I wonder if you have ever seen this book?

    Anyway, I am one of your many fans.

    Susan in WA

  3. First question - you absolutely could mix and match these coats with different accessory combos - I think there are a lot of various combinations possible!

    And Hot Tips - I owned that!!! It was pretty famous because of the Gia Carangi cover... I wish I still had it! thanks for the blast from the past.

  4. I liked Hot Tips so much I photocopied the library copy (don't tell the copyright police!). I still have it. The book I regret throwing out was an old copy of Genevieve Dariaux's A Guide to Elegance.

  5. I still have Hot Tips and look at it still and find it useful. The cover is long gone and the binding is starting to fall apart.

  6. Your ideas are really useful. These colours are lovely.