Friday, January 20, 2012

Wardrobe: Navy, Gray, BRIGHTS!!! and lots of outfits

Probably the final iteration of this wardrobe, unless I get another suggestion - leave a comment if you've got another variation you'd like to see!

Cardigan – Patagonia, tee shirt – Velvet, gray sweater – Isabel Marant, shirt- Joseph Peter, pants – Patagonia, wool pants – Michael Kors, gray jeans – Levi’s Made & Crafted, suede skirt – Vanessa Bruno

Blazer – Joseph, cardigan – L.K. Bennett, blouse – The Row, v-neck sweater – Closed, tee shirt – Michael Stars, pants, skirt and dress – Joseph

Cardigan  – Marni,  flowered blouse – John Lewis, shirt – Hugo, sweater – Very Eickhoff, seersucker pants – Stella McCartney, blue tee - Oasis,  green sweater - Chloe, purple blouse – True Royal

1.Loafers – French Sole, Scarf – Emilio Pucci, earrings – Carolee
2.Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, Scarf – Hermes, ring – Elsa Peretti
3.Pumps – L.K. Bennett, necklace – Anton Heunis, watch – AK Anne Klein

4. Loafers – French Sole, Stud earrings – Kate Spade, tote - Gucci
5. Pumps – L.K. Bennett, Sodalite bracelet – Sydney Evan, earrings – Swarovski
6. Pumps – L.K. Bennett, earrings – Elsa Peretti, bag – Marc Jacobs

7. Loafers – French Sole, Scarf – Liberty of London, pearl earrings – Debenhams
8. Boots – Sam & Libby, scarf – Hermès, clutch bag – Poppy Jones
9. Navy loafers – Rupert Sanderson, Sunglasses – Miu Miu, tote - Gucci

10. Oxfords – The Old Curiosity Shop, scarf – Amicale, earrings – Swarovski
11. Oxfords – The Old Curiosity Shop, bracelet – Sydney Evan, earrings – Kate Spade
12. Oxfords – The Old Curiosity Shop, necklace – Olivia Collings, scarf – Barbour

13. Pumps – L.K. Bennett, necklace – Banana Republic, earrings – Swarovski
14. Pumps – L.K. Bennett, scarf – Mercy Delta, Earrings – Breil Milano
15. Pumps – L.K. Bennett, safety pin brooch – Lanvin, ring – Adina Mills

16. Boots – Sam & Libby, Scarf – Pashmina Art, earrings – Renee Lewis
17. Boots – Sam & Libby, Scarf – Emilio Pucci, earrings – Breil Milano
18. Boots – Sam & Libby, earrings - Bounkit, bag – Yves Saint Laurent

19. Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, necklace – Olivia Collings, Tote – Gucci
20. Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, scarf – Mercy Delta, Earrings – Swarovski
21. Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, bracelet & earrings – 1928

22. Loafers – French Sole, earrings – Renee Lewis, bag – Yves Saint Laurent
23. Loafers – French Sole, necklace – Olivia Collings, earrings –
24. Loafers – French Sole, earrings – Bounkit, socks - Topshop

25. Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, earrings – Kate SpadeTote – Gucci
26. Pumps – L.K. Bennett, necklace – Olivia Collings, bag – Yves Saint Laurent
27. Boots – Sam & Libby, scarf – Barbour, bracelet – Sydney Evan

28. Boots – Sam & Libby, scarf - Pucci, clutch – Stella McCartney
29. Boots – Sam & Libby, earrings – Swarovski, necklace – Banana Republic
30. Boots – Sam & Libby, Necklace – Olivia Collings, bag – Yves Saint Laurent

31. Boots – Sam & Libby, earrings – Paloma Picasso, clutch – Stella McCartney
32. Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, pearls – Kate Spade, earrings – Swarovski
33. Pumps – L.K. Bennett, earrings – Debenhams, brooch - 1928

34. Loafers – French Sole, necklace – Banana Republic, earrings – Kate Spade
35. Boots – Sam & Libby, scarf - Oasis, clutch – Stella McCartney
36. Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, cashmere scarf – Cashca, earrings - Debenhams


  1. Thank you for asking. I do have a suggestion/request. My coloring is Soft Summer and I struggle to assemble outfits that look business-tough when my best colors are rose and lilac! I was thinking the light grey you have above would make a good base. What kind of magic outfits would you whip together?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    In addition to light gray, what other neutral would work well for you? Rose and lilac would be great colors to work with - to "toughen up" for business!
    big hug,

  3. Vivienne, I adore this one! I can almost pull this one out of my current closet. In fact, today I'm wearing gray slacks, navy sweater, and a scarf with Klein blue, green, fuschia, and navy in it - sounds loud, but it really isn't!

  4. Dear Librarian - the scarf actually sounds very beautiful, and just the ticket for the dead of January!
    big hug,

  5. The green is especially good. Thanks!

  6. All of these "brights" can be found in Talbots spring 2012 line, if anyone is looking. Of course, they are *spendy*. But they will go on sale if you are patient...(LizY)

  7. Oooh I'd LOVE to see a grey-based collection with white to supplant the navy, and with turquoise, and perhaps cognac accents. Please please please!

  8. Hmmm, gray, white, turquoise and cognac? I've GOT to try that!
    I think I might be able to make wardrobe variations for MONTHS at this rate - what fun!
    thanks for the suggestion,

  9. Its me again, anonymous(1) and I figured out how to add in my name. Also thank you for the help you sent in an earlier email on how to set up your own home mix and match kit :) I've been sorting through the clothing lines and basically my neutrals seem to be any color that is hard to find(yup that's frustration leaking through)!! My neutrals that I am building off of are a rose/brown color and a grey/brown color. I have had some luck with the grey/brown which seems to going by the fancy name 'putty'. But if anybody has other good ideas for search terms on colors I'd love the input.

    1. aesthetic intelligenceJanuary 20, 2012 at 5:39 PM

      Try a search using the word 'fawn'.

  10. I would like something in Black, Red, White and maybe a dash of Hot Pink :-) Thank you! Ruthie

  11. This is really pretty!

    I'm new to wearing scarves, so I have a question. How do you wear a scarf with a shirt and blazer like #14? Hanging loose on the blazer? Tied around the neck of the shirt? That seems like it would hide the color of the shirt. I love all these color combinations I just don't know how to actually put it together.

    Also, with a cardigan is it best to button the top button or let it be "floppy" at the top and button in the middle?


  12. So pretty. I love the combination of gray and navy - as seen in my photo from yesterday. I continue to transition from black to midnight blue and navies. I'm glad that I'll be able to continue wearing gray, which looks softer and very sophisticated with dark blue! I also like the pop of rich green.

  13. I love how versatile gray is and with these brights, its even better. Thanks for bringing us these amazing visuals.

  14. Like your first commenter, I'd love to see chic, business clothes combinations using gray (and perhaps also taupe?) as the neutral and soft pink and pale lilac and light butter yellow as the accent colors.

  15. This is so helpful -- as always. I have what might seem like a weird request, but if it tickles your fancy, it might be fun. What about a Not So Crazy 8's base of brights (blazer, pants, skirt, dress), with the neutrals as accents? In other words, a NSC8 base set of cobalt, kelly green, berry, red-orange or some combo thereof. Could it work? (Forgive me if you've done this as a post and I've missed it). I'm finding, for example, that as a Clear Spring blonde, I can wear my brights on my bottom half and neutrals on top, or as blazers or cardis or a dress if they get balanced by neutral tees, shirts, or sweaters. Just a thought... XO to you dear!

  16. Dear Anonymous,
    I would probably wear a scarf with a blazer and blouse by just draping the scarf under the collar of the jacket and letting the ends hang loose. Alternatively, for those who are not top-heavy, would be to tie the scarf in a low knot similar to that of a man's tie, over the open collar of the shirt.
    Sometime, if there's ever enough light in my apartment, I'm going to photograph a couple of scarf tying options!
    And V.O., I'm all over a "crazy eights" based on bright colors, built on a foundation of neutrals. Since these recent wardrobes have been built upon three grouping of eight, I'm envisioning an "eight-some" of brights, one of white, and one of black. I've had lots of requests for black white and brights wardrobes for warmer weather, so this is a fun project!
    thanks, both of you, every day, for being here!
    big hugs all around,

  17. You are driving us crazy with all these combinations.You are a natural talent.

  18. love the outfits! but i have 2 questions: 1. are these your real clothes?? (if so, lovely) and 2. is there a particular app you use to photograph the clothes? i have been using stylebook for the iphone, but one has to hand-delete the backgrounds with the result that the photos become a bit smudgy! i tried one called idresser, but the "outfits" part of it locked up on me and went black (not helpful!). thanks, esme noir

  19. Dear Esme,
    Gracious, NO, these are not my clothes - for one thing, I could never own this much stuff, and secondly, I never wear most of these colors - I'm one of the black and gray city dwellers.
    To put together wardrobes, I grab screen shots of garments from vendors or retailers, and compile the various shots in either PowerPoint, Paint, or Picture Manager, depending on my mood, and what software I'm wanting to learn. I almost entirely source images without background. It's possible to erase backgrounds in Paint, although it's a time-consuming process.
    I'm trying to start photographing my own garments for the posts I'm going to make about the editing in my personal wardrobe, but I suspect that until spring, it's not going to be possible - I just can't seem to get enough light to make details visible.
    thanks for being here!

  20. thanks for the reply! lol....i THOUGHT that was a lot of clothes, but you never know! i'm a black and gray person too, even tho i don't live in the city! but i did spend my formative years in san francisco, so maybe that explains it.

  21. I love the gray and navy, but cannot wear brights or pale pastels with my coloring because they wash me out. Would you consider doing the gray and navy wardrobe with accents of burgundy, plum/eggplant, and white? Burgundy looks great with any shade of gray and I like it with navy as well. I've been thinking a lot about plum/eggplant with gray lately, and saw a few people wearing it at the girl and the fig restaurant in Sonoma yesterday. And of course, white look great with navy.