Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe - Packing in ORANGE and brown, for uncertain weather

Today, I tried to cover at least a few trends - orange, stripes, and plaid shirts.  More variations to come...

Hoop earrings – Charles Garnier, cardigan – J. Crew, striped tee shirt – Kain, trench – Burberry, pants - Oasis, bags – Tumi, loafers – Tod’s, necklace – Kenneth Jay Lane, scarf - Hermes 

Plaid shirt – Ralph Lauren, Orange cashmere v-neck – Ralph Lauren, metallic scoopneck tee – Rag & Bone, orange tee – Dorothy Perkins, patterned cardigan – Ralph Lauren, open knit sweater – A.L.C., cotton turtleneck – Splendid, orange shirt – Ralph Lauren, orange pants – Stella McCartney, narrow jeans – Cimarron, twill pants – 3.1 Phillip Lim,  flaired jeans – Tara Jarmon

Quartz disc earrings – Robeta Chiarella, Suede hat – Bronte, sunglasses – Ray Ban, multi-strand necklace – Oscar de la Renta, convertible handbag – La Bagagerie, square stud earrings – Gurhan, orange scarf – Me & Kashmere, Engraved lava ring – Sandra Dini, zigzag socks – Missoni, gloves – Debenhams, ikat print scarf – Lily and Lionel, Square scarf – Timberland, round pearl earrings – Carolee,  teardrop earrings – Alexis Bittar, gold rope cuff – Yves Saint Laurent, oxfords – Palazzo Bruciato, Sandals – Stella McCartney, Suede perforated ballet flats – Burberry


  1. I'd love to see what you can do with purple. My husband recently took a job with a university and, as we go to many events, I'd love to be able to incorporate the school's color with my wardrobe. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful! I'm not brave enough for orange pants, but everything else looks fabulous! Tricia

  3. The great thing about this wardrobe is that you could substiute other bright colours for the orange -- turquoise would be nice.

    1. Oh I just had one of those "aha" moments! Thanks for spelling it out for me! I'm sure so many others have already figured this out :)

  4. What a fun combination! I especially love it because I don't wear skirts or dresses so seeing an all pant capsule makes me very happy.

  5. Wonderful, thank you, not a check sort of person but may have to rethink that as the above capsules are wonderful and perfect for me. With all the coloured pants/jeans at present, an orange pair would be easy, just need to find them in Australia.

  6. Inspiration! Pure inspiration! Thank you, thank you! Still on the hunt for my affordable raincoat with a zip out liner. So much inspiration here, though. Susan (from Minneapolis).

  7. Love, love, love the orange and camel. Great picks, makes one feel happy just looking at it.

  8. Absolutely awesome, this is just what I wanted, would have half the garments (similar) so will now shop for the rest.

  9. Yay! Orange! My favourite colour. Interestingly, though, I don't do brown unless it's a dark chocolatey brown. I tend to pair it with black or charcoal, and dark purple and teal. :)

  10. This is my exact winter/ spring wardobe (in the Mid-South). Substitute a few breton stripe tshirts, chambray shirt for the plaid, and ecru cords and jeans for a few of the camel pants, and a navy pullover- you have my "uniform" these days. Your accessories gave me a few focused ideas.
    Like many others, I want to express my gratitude for your work on these capsules. I have just donated more than half of my closet as my January home project. After 3 babies in 5 years, some things just don't work anymore. Rather than lamenting, I am moving forward gracefully with help from you! I really appreciate you!

  11. aesthetic intelligenceJanuary 28, 2012 at 5:05 PM

    Love this.
    Although I'm one of the few who looks great in orange, I'm too self conscious to wear anything brighter than coral.
    So, I'll substitute the orange for coral.

    Also, that scarf in the first set is amazing!

  12. Hermes - you just can't beat them! I'm going to go to their store in Chicago next week and beg them for a job...
    big hug,