Monday, January 09, 2012

Not so crazy eights: young and casual in gray

Someone requested a younger and more casual approach to crazy eights - this was one of my ideas!

Cardigan – Patagonia, tee shirt – Velvet, gray sweater – Isabel Marant, shirt- Joseph Peter, pants – Patagonia, wool pants – Michael Kors, gray jeans – Levi’s Made & Crafted, suede skirt – Vanessa Bruno

1. Glitter slip-ons – Toms, backpack – Kipling U.S.A., earrings –
2. Shoes – Converse Chuck Taylor, crossbody bag – Kipling U.S.A., ring - Mizuki
3. Oxfords – Palazzo Bruciato Giorgia, scarf – Burberry, dog tag pendant – Waxing Poetic
4. Boots – Mammoth Mountain, bangle bracelet – Philippe Audibert, pashmina – Pashmina Art

5. Loafers – Charles Philip,  satchel bag – Mulberry, drop earrings - Asos
6. Boots – Dorothy Perkins, scarf – Alexander McQueen, bracelet – Michael Kors
7. Loafers – Ralph Lauren, scarf – Hermès, earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane
8. Studded boots – Topshop,  pearl brooch & earrings – Majorica

9. Oxfords – L’Autre Chose, Tote bag – Jil Sander, necklace – Kenneth Jay Lane
10. Boots – Shoebox,  scarf – Liberty of London, earrings – Kimberly McDonald
11. Loafers – Calvin Klein, Hoodie – Lacoste, crocodile wallet – Accessories de Bonne Compagnie
12. Loafers – Martha Davis, knit cowl – Siuyin Chau, gloves –


  1. A vision in gray...

    I wore a gray dress and greige boots to church yesterday, and I accessorized with a chocolate cardi-coat and a chunky brown belt with silver studs. I love mixing gray with other neutrals to create a clean, rich combination.

  2. This collection has made me sit up (and I was trying to sit tall anyway given your earlier entry on posture) as it is telling ME something about 'casual' in the same breath as 'schematized'. Reosnance!

    Much as I adore your clothing selections - I sighed over the McCartney taupe three piece suit for ages - they are a league above what I am about. I am mostly casually dressed and yet wish to look as put together as your more classically styled wardrobes. Everything, bar coats and some special occasion pieces, must be washable and stand the test of being a domestic appliance in all its guises (particularly culinary). So many of your previous posts have been like art in a gallery, sublime on someone's else's wall but sadly not applicable to me.

    How about a navy/black (thinking of the dark wash jeans which are my second skin) version of the same? You have inculcated a knowledge and justification for my small collection of quality accessories - never out of place even with a casual wardrobe. Thanks!

  3. Oooooh, I LOVE gray, right after black (and sometimes navy blue) gray is at the top of my list -- soft, flattering, chic.

    Your blog is superb btw, if I haven't already told you.

  4. Grey and dark brown; Grey and black; Grey and red; Grey and navy; Grey and many great options. My favorite shade is charcoal grey. ~~Bliss

  5. I am in that phase of life where I am moving away from a black dominated capsule wardrobe to a grey dominated one. All of the suggestions are just perfect.

  6. I'll second lauieann's comment: moving away from black. Now that I have retired to a northern village in the country, I find black is too stark for the landscape, as well as for me. So I'm adding greys and beiges to the black basics (too expensive to waste.) Your ideas are incredibly helpful, your taste is wonderful, and I read your peices every day for inspiration.

  7. I find it so hard to find beautiful greys.

    I seek the luminous pearl, the rich charcoal, the Italian hues with their tinges of green or mauve. And I'm usually disappointed, because most greys are sad. I don't want to look like a basement floor. I love grey but the fabric has to be exceptional. And don't get me started on the quality of textiles in general.

  8. Duchesse, you're entirely right - the quality of most textiles is appalling. Which makes it ever more offensive that their manufacture is the source of some of the worst water pollution on the planet! I've been criticized for recommending expensive garments, but I think we should reward companies which do things well, and invest in garments that will stand the test of time!
    big hug,

  9. How can we be assured that even these high-end brands are actually doing the right thing, though? I am finding even the high-end designers are now out-sourcing almost everything to China etc. I feel like I cannot win even with the "buy the best you can afford", philosophy. What has this world come to? It's depressing.

  10. I have read a lot of the comments on your blogs. So many, including myself, are moving away from Black as our core colour for various reasons but many, many are saying as we age, black is a bit hard. Well, I am suspecting this shift away from black will eventually be reflected in the store offerings. At least I hope so. On the other hand, it is okay that it takes us a bit longer to find just the right colour and fit. Most of us have enough to wear until we find the perfect pieces, and meanwhile we haven't squandered our money on the "almost" perfect pieces. I see it as a fun process. Not an overnight endeavour. If we do it too quickly, surely we will get too much, and repeat past mistakes.