Saturday, January 14, 2012

I've been ALL wrong...

this is really my closet...

I've been thinking and thinking (and occasionally writing) about a closet purge.  Now let's be frank, the word PURGE is pretty repelling - I can't come up with one good association to the term...

And it's just dawned on me - I don't want to PURGE my closet, I want to build and choose my wardrobe.  Construction, not destruction!

So the new plan is:

  1. Try to determine a target number of garments (starting on the large size, and then whittling down as possible)
  2. Build a wardrobe based on "eights".  I don't know why, but the number eight seems to be a nice number of garments for a... not a capsule, but more of a "capsulette".  Capsulina?  Capsulechen?
  3. Sell or donate garments that don't survive the audition process.
This just feels much more positive to me - focusing on what I WANT, and not on my errors or shopping mistakes.

Make sense?



  1. How to select a neutral for "eights" when starting from scratch? Should it be the most flattering neutral or the most safe black? Thank you.

  2. Interesting thoughts. It is so hard to change ones wardrobe because all of those clothes are - well, there and paid for and liked at one time. I look forward to your thoughts on this.

  3. Yes, definitely! What a good idea: Start from the idea of constructing anew, not destroying. Good luck!

  4. 8 shirts
    8 pants
    8 jacket

    Is that what you mean by a wardrobe based on 8s?

    I did mine based on 10's. 10 each for jackets, bottoms, shoes, dresses and 30 for tops (3:1 ratio for tops to bottoms).

  5. I have been following your blog for a few months now and I like your clothing choices. What I could not get my head around was the purging of my wardrobe, scaling back to the minimum. I found your blog while researching the 333 Project and thought what a good idea. Then I looked at my closet and said "no" I can't do it, I love my choices, have spent a lot of time and a good chunk of money building it. I was feeling that there was something wrong with my thinking and am more than glad to read of your new plan. I don't feel so wrong now.

  6. Ah, thanks for letting me clarify - I'm going to build some of my own personal "crazy eights" groupings - one set in black for job interviews, one set in denim/grunge for my manual labor job, one set in dressy black for wining and dining my sweetheart etc. I almost certainly will end up with more than eight cardigans, and fewer than eight blazers, for example. But the total number will be divisible by eight, and I'll photograph them for the blog in groupings of eight. (yes, real pictures of my clothes!)
    thanks, as always,
    and a big hug,

  7. Oh, I can't wait to learn your "numbers" (since this is an area I find challenging) and to see actual pics--something to look forward to.

  8. I have done something similar when decluttering rooms: Take everything out (except the big furniture), then decide what I want & need in the room, and only put those things back. Anything that doesn't pass the audition is donated away, or moved to another room where it is more useful.

    I've never tried to do it with my wardrobe. I think I've always been worried I would get rid of too much. But I think that now might be a good time.

    And yes, I agree it is much more pleasant to think about what you want to have and keep, rather than what you're going to toss out!

  9. Seeing your groupings would be so helpful. Can't wait to see the actual pictures of your clothes. I hope to one day have a small working wardrobe.

  10. I have spent a lot of time (too much) in the last year thinking about refining my wardrobe. Your ideas and philosophy are so useful - thank you!

    I think you may enjoy a blog I discovered through Deja Pseu. She has shared some similar ideas to yours lately.

    Her blog is "Image and Style Consulting Berlin"

  11. Thanks for embarking on this mission, V! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I would like to follow suit, so I'm looking forward to how you set about doing this task. I hope you also include what you reject, and why, which will be as helpful as letting us know what you keep. A great way to start out the new year! Thanks again!!

  12. Oh I love your blog so much! Can't wait to follow you through this process. I know why I'm having trouble with it myself. The word audition made a light bulb go off. I am too soft hearted. If I was auditioning a cast for a play, everyone would get a part, even if I had to create one. No one would be cut even if they had nothing to do.

    I'm like that with my clothes. I actually feel like I'm hurting their feelings if I don't like them any more. Hilarious!

  13. Dear Anonymous,
    I know exactly how you feel about being soft-hearted with clothing! It's particularly difficult when it's something that you at one time loved enough to buy... One of the questions I ask myself now is "would someone love this and wear it more than I do?". (I'm a big sharer...) If the answer is yes - out it goes!
    And I'm considering posting all of my departing favorites here on the blog to sell super-cheap... I have some things (like a cashmere sweater!) that I've never worn; it would be so cool if one of you could wear it...
    big hug,

  14. You're right, PURGE is pretty disgusting. I prefer 'edit' or even (if I'm feeling really posh) 'curate'. The number eight makes me think of music and dancing. I can't remember much about my music lessons, but I do remember that a dance routine was always taught in groups of eight counts (is that a 'bar' of music maybe?). Eight also seems like a minimum number of outfits so that one doesn't end up wearing the same outfit on the same day of the week, but always pushes it forward a day.

    If a person likes everything they have and wears every item they have, I see no need to 'edit'; such is rarely the case, however.