Monday, January 16, 2012

A Cool, Cool, Style-Defining Tool!

From the exceptionally cool site

Above is a "word cloud" of my core wardrobe.  I absolutely love this, because it sort of puts into a graphic image the key aspects of how I dress most of the time.

Doing this requires that you keep a list of everything that you wear for at least a few weeks...  Or, you could just type out a list of everything you own - it depends on what you're trying to visualize.

Then get thee to, and follow the instructions under the heading of "create".  You can choose fonts, color schemes, orientation of the text etc.  I found that my cloud really started to come into focus for me once I had a classic font, and a black and gray color scheme.

An interesting use of this for me might be (1) to test my core wardrobe selections going forward, as I rebuild, against these words, and (2) using this as a litmus test for shopping, when I get back to buying things.

Also, how interesting might it be to build a word cloud of your wardrobe, and then realize that it doesn't resonate with your self-image AT ALL?  That could explain a lot...


  1. Thanks for the tip to wordle. Just spent 20 minutes goofing with it. Very creative. Did you cut and paste your word cloud to the blog or did you save it somehow and upload as a photo or...?

  2. I took a screen grab(usually the PrntScrn button on your keyboard, and then cropped it in Microsoft Picture Editor. I'm a maniac for messing with pictures!
    thanks for being here,

  3. This was so cool! Mine is in sexsmith font, mostly horizontal, and in ghostly colors. I wonder if I could print and frame it to hang on my side of the wardrobe?

  4. How fun! I love your suggestions on how objectively assess our style situations. Can't wait to do this.
    BTW, I'm all "Viv'd" today for my adjuct prof job: navy crew-neck 3/4 sleeve sweater, dark brown cords, black boots, good faux round pearl choker in dark blue-green, dark gold, dark taupe, dark rose. An outfit inspired by previous posts. Thank you!

  5. Dear Rebekah,
    Printing and hanging in wardrobe - THAT IS BRILLIANT! Talk about a focal point for future purchases (and an affirmation of one's present, unique and beautiful image).
    Dear V.O. - I love navy and brown together - I'm sure you look gorgeous - thanks for sharing with us!
    hugs to you both,

  6. thanks for posting this! so nifty and fun :D