Sunday, December 11, 2011

A warm brown, green and rust capsule wardrobe based on a painting by Klimt

Blazer – A.P.C., CardiganCacharel, Blouse – Theory, tee – Michael Stars, Pants – CC, Skirt – Max Mara, pants – Topshop, Scarf - Hermès

blouse – Chloe, Sweater – Cruciani, Winter coat – Calvin Klein Collection, Dress – Gucci, Pants – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Skirt – A.L.C., Sweater – Dorothy Perkins, coat - Debenhams

Dress – Thomas Maier, cardigan – Madewell, Olive brown tee shirt- Malene Birger, Sweater – Marc by Marc Jacobs, beige sweater – Vince, taupe tee – Crumpet England, Cords – J. Brand, Sequined top - Gryphon

all jewelry – Kenneth Jay Lane, gloves – Mulberry, square scarves – Hermès, plaid scarf – Etro, chocolate suede satchel – Topshop, olive scarf – Burberry, sunglasses – Oliver Peoples, clutch – Marc by Marc Jacobs, ankle boots – Modcloth, rust pumps – Easy Street, loafers – Burberry, bronze oxfords – Mulberry, brown riding boots – Asos, suede flats – Marc by Marc Jacobs


  1. Oh! What inspiration! This is absolutely, absolutely beautiful! I love the olives and the touch of rust. Everything is so lovely! Susan

  2. I'm swooning--the scarves as always bring it all together.

  3. Hi! I love your wardrobes and am so inspired by them! I do have a funny question though...I don't know why this popped out at me, but the skirt in the large composite picture seems to be different from the skirt in the first picture. It's the brown skirt in the bottom, 2nd from the left. Is this intentional? Just FYI.

  4. You've got good eyes - thanks for spotting that!

  5. Fabulous - makes me wish I was an "Autumn" rather than a "Summer".

  6. Lovely wardrobe! :-)
    I am an autumn, or I was - my hair is now grey, although I am only 40 yrs. old. I guess now I am an winter???? Any suggestions you can give me for a "transitional" wardrobe would be very appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. I've missed your wardrobe posts!

  8. Hello, Hello.
    I was so pleased to see this post today. I requested this a long time ago and then forgot about it in life's busyness.
    Once again, you have captured the essence of the painting and "painted" it in a wardrobe plan.
    Now, I have a BIG request. I am also the requestor of the baltic cruise capsule which is also my plan for my spring summer wardrobe. When you consider these two groupings, are there any suggestions you would make about having them merge in spring and fall? Also, as I have blue eyes and mildly auburn hair, I think I would alter the greens to be blues (like an indigo)or a deep plummy purple. What do you think?

    Deb from Vancouver

  9. Hi, me again,

    I just have to add that I am now more impressed with your ability to pull these wardrobes together. I am slowly working on my baltic cruise wardrobe and realize you have everything going with everything, right down to the shoes and accessories. And that is a high art!!!
    I didn't comprehend the nuances you perceive until I am immersed in it and see how challenging it is. I am learning to be much more patient and keep looking for the right thing not just the best I see today.

    Deb from Vancouver

  10. OMG now I want to shop after seeing this post. Love that the selections are timeless and classic. Vivienne, I'm really enjoying this blog after you mentioned it the other day;).

    @Simply Me: Wear what makes you feel and look good and forget those old rules about "seasons" :)

  11. I've been following your blog for sometime now but with this post you got me hooked. Klimt is my favorite painter and to see the collage you made is pure delight to my eyes and totaly inspirational.

  12. Love this! Would it be possible for you to provide a strategy of colors for a 'summer'? Beautiful interpretation!

  13. Dear Vivienne,

    What a wonderful wardrobe - I wish those were my colors.

    At 50+ I still feel like a wardrobe newbie, but inspired by your blog, I plan to do better.

    Years ago I was determined to be a summer, but it's impossible to resist black and I enjoy the ease of matching black to most anything.

    I haven't even been able to decide on a color for basics - I have lots of grey, but also some nice cold brown, and I love burgundy, fuchsia and that type of red.
    I also enjoy the occasional splash of orange and purple.

    I think I might need to photograph my wardrobe to make all items visible - but I better do a closet purge first.

    Boat necks - what to do with bra straps?
    Avoid boat necks?

    Thank you so much for all your inspired and inspiring work

  14. What a great idea for choosing one’s outfit colours! I used to read a blog of a lady who dyes yarn in colours she takes from her photos but have never thought of this possibility, and it looks like perfect harmony. For accessory I could even imagine a spot of brighter red…

  15. Great pieces of art. Both Gustave Klimt's and yours. Truly.