Thursday, December 01, 2011

The shopping fast: Month 3

This has in many ways been the easiest month so far.  Day to day, I'm only wearing a variety of gray or black tee shirts, jeans, and my work shoes. (and of course, my apron, which is NOT pictured here...) If anything, December might prove to be even more dull fashion-wise than November!

Working in retail is a great way to condition yourself away from constant shopping; the endless glut of unnecessary stuff that we have to handle every day makes the idea of actually buying something and taking it home absolutely repulsive.  What an insane frenzy of over-consumption the holidays are in the United States...

And I must give a warm, grateful shout out to my work shoes - Camper Pelotas.  They are durable, comfortable, and don't look like smooshy white marshmallow shoes.  If you've never considered Campers, I recommend them highly.


  1. I don't think I could go on a shopping fast, but I do love a simplified wardrobe with simplified colors. Maybe I'll try some reorganizing tonight at home!

  2. It's funny because I had the opposite November. I returned to working and although it's volunteer work, it's still work and I have to dress professionally. I had very little to in the way of professional attire so I have been making purchases to fill that void. I acquired three pencil skirts - two thrifted - a blazer (thrifted), a black rain coat trench, and a white button down (thrifted) among a few other things. I also bought several basic inexpensive tops at H & M. I think I am set for the work world now. I should probably take it back a couple notches!
    Good for you for sticking to your challenge. I admire you so. xo

  3. What's not to love about a capsule wardrobe of core pieces with classic styling, neutral colours and good quality.

  4. I'm totally with Trudy on this one!

  5. Hmmm. I am guessing that either my comments are being deleted (?) or I can not comment successfully from my Nook. Could you let me know which it is? ; )

    I fully support your not shopping and you are doing great! I have had no desire to buy any clothes (for me) because I am quite happy and content with my minimized wardrobe. It has made me more creative with coming up with new ideas on how to wear things. I could use a different pair of black slacks but am getting by without them for now (thank you long skirts). I think working in retail this time of year would have the same effects on me as it has on you. ~~Bliss

  6. I am still working on my minmial wardrobe, but I'm not willing to toss anything to Goodwill or consignment yet. What I have done is catalog what fits now, what will fit (given good eating regimen progress), and what will never fit. The "will fit" has been packed away to be revisited when measurement goals are met, and the "won't fit" is grouped together for me to finish my mourning period.

    I'm not purchasing anything until I have shopped the full extent of my wardrobe, and items will be replaced only with classic, high-quality pieces that can be changed up with accessories.

    I really, really love the pieces you pull together. The pictures you provide perfectly summarize how I want to dress!

  7. Dear Bliss,
    I would NEVER delete your comments; it must be your gizmo that's not cooperating!
    big hug,

  8. It's a bit late to post on this, but I am new to the site. Out of curiosity, Vivienne, how do you organize your closet(s)? By objects(skirts, shirts, etc), by coordinating colors or the same colors? I'm trying to do this now and can't figure out the best way to do this in order to be able to mix and match as you do.