Saturday, December 31, 2011

99 Objets: the last 54, to finish off the year!

This series of objects, based on the book by Dominique Loreau, certainly doesn't match what I would choose for 99 essential objects (I've never actually OWNED a laundry machine...), but it does provoke thought about what is essential to ME.

Maybe as a New Year's exercise, it would be worthwhile to consider all of the many objects around us, and try to start distinguishing between the mere "wants" of temporary, superficial gratification, and the truly "essentials" of happiness.

May 2012 bring you all of your essentials, a healthy dose of your wants, and the ability to tell the two apart!  Thanks for being here with me this year, with much love, Vivienne

Cast iron skillet – Lodge, Stockpot with steamer – All Clad, gratin pan – Le Creuset, serving plate – Pillyvuit, immersion blender - Bamix

Toaster – Magimix, Bowl & strainer set – Williams Sonoma, squeezable measuring cup – FlexIt, Bento – Kobo Aizawa

Knife – Shun, honing steel – Michel Bras, cutting board – Boos, box grater – Microplane, Suribachi – La Pella Pottery,  Peeler – Henkel,  silicon spatulas – Williams-Sonoma,  chopsticks – Asian Food Grocer

CorkscrewVigneto, bottle opener – Web Restaurant Store,  Scissors – Wustof Trident,  Towels – Williams-Sonoma,  dishpan – Rubbermaid,  sponges & brush – Williams-Sonoma

Tray – Williams-Sonoma,  Bowl – Pillyvuyt,  Japanese dishes –, dishware – Michael Giotto

Tea set –,  insulated bottle – Thermos, Curtains, lamp & bed – Pottery Barn

Table & chair – Iljujjkin,  armchair – Zanotta,  refrigerator – unknown – please provide the brand if you know it!,  stove – Amana,  laundry machine - Samsung
Basin –, bath rug – Crate & Barrel, iron & ironing board – Rowenta, hangers s - Container Store

Vase – Baccarat, calendar – Borders, alarm clock – Travel Ben, radio – Bose, Eco-Me Home Kit –

Vacuum – Miele, mop – Container Store, tools – Stanley,  television – stock photo, laptop – Dell,  phone - Samsung

Tote & suitcase – Tumi, red cross-body bag – Osgoode Marley, planner – Filofax, correspondence box – Mark Lowenstein, accordion folder – Globe-Weis


  1. I am fortunate enough to own a washing machine (= laundry machine) - I'd sacrifice a lot of the stuff on this list in order not to have to drag my stuff to a laundromat!

  2. What, may i ask, is a suribachi? I know i dony have that!
    Happy New Year!

  3. A suribachi is a Japanese grinding bowl - sort of like a mortal and pestle, only the bowl has ridges in it that catch and hold the food being ground, so that the pestle can really dig into it! You can find them in the US at Williams-Sonoma.
    thanks for asking!

  4. Facinating mix of old and new...laptop and accordion folder, phone and correspondence box. Plus she's so specific about 20 coat hangers but so vague about others just "a set of dishes".

    Thanks for all the awesome and thought provoking reading this year. All the best for 2012.

  5. Very interesting. I am adding a suribachi to my wish list! Thank you for responding!