Tuesday, December 13, 2011

99 objets - 4th installment - moving away from clothing!

Paisley slippers – Jimmy Choo, black diamond earrings – Kabiri, sunglasses – Oliver Peoples,  sewing box – Harbor Freight Tools, shoe shine kit – Church’s

Vanity case – J. Crew, scales – Seca, ashwood combWidu, Thermal ionic hair dryer - Solia


  1. I think it is interesting that she mentions "a piece of jewellery" and not "some pieces of jewellery".

    I wonder if she means a statement piece or something you wear all the time (maybe both)?

    For me if I could have only one it would have to be a necklace and something pretty bold.

  2. Funny...for me it would be something smaller and classic. A single pearl suspended from a wonderful sterling chain...

  3. I went back and reread the section on "a piece of jewelry", and she was meaning something classic that you wear every day - she specifically mentions diamond stud earrings that you wear 24/7. She further developed the idea by suggesting that if you are faithful in your personal image, it gives those around the image that you are faithful and trustworthy in all things. An interesting idea.
    And I chose these earrings because I thought they were amazing, and I would wear them every day, if I owned them!
    That said, I'm wearing silver metal balls every day for work; if a box falls in my face (it happens!), these earrings are sturdier than my usual pearl studs.
    It is an interesting thought Ms. Loreau raises, isn't it?

  4. Very interesting. I have always loved train cases and have a couple of older ones at home. Not sure they are so practical for their original purpose, though, but adorable.