Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The shopping fast: Month 2

Truly, I think I'm happier without shopping!  The mental space that I have available, now that I'm not always keeping, in the back of my mind, that "well, I'm going to need new gray cords, maybe they're on sale at Levi's" dialog, is wonderfully freeing.

And I still have STACKS of unworn winter clothes...


  1. I've also stopped shopping to give myself an opportunity to see what kinds of items I actually need. I was always the kind of person who bought something new just to have something new. It didn't matter if I loved the item, hated the item, or didn't even fit into the item.

    Now that I'm a Vivienne convert, I've been paying more attention to my wardrobe and I finally see gaps. For example, I need a black blazer. I've been keeping an eye out for one anytime I'm at a mall or browsing online. I've found tons of black blazers that will do just fine, but none that I love or that are made from good quality so I've refused to buy them. Another hole in my wardrobe is that I wear a lot of berry colors, but I don't really have any jewelry to go with berry colors. I've started saving to buy a modest, but quality, pair of pink sapphire earrings.

    We'll see how these experiments turn out. So far, I love all the items in my closet (what was left after the Big Purge). I no longer struggle every morning over what to do. As an ancillary benefit, I do my laundry more often.

  2. You might be inspired with styling ideas for those unworn clothes at There is a growing collection of outfit ideas for the core elements of a capsule wardrobe. Enjoy!

  3. I'm a Vivienne Convert too! When my husband looks over my shoulder to see what is generating all the murmurs of approval when I'm reading your latest posting, he jumps to the conclusion that I'm shopping online (in rural oblivion, just about all shopping has to be mail order/internet based)....I am actually NOT shopping and this is the key!

    Like AG, I now perceive what I need rather than what I want - although I haven't yet got to the higher level of wardrobe analysis of AG yet! I am largely in a casual setting and need to remind myself how to look good with highly durable, washable and comfortable - so there is no need for tailoring (alas) but still a desire to be co-ordinated and chic.

  4. One of the best things in your blog is the endless way you use accessories with basic/core pieces. In the "not shopping" arena, last month I took two pieces to the tailor for alterations: a pencil skirt and a pair of black pants. Both turned out so well I am taking another two pieces to the same tailor this month, whcih will transform two unused pieces to two very useful pieces. Thanks for the thought!

  5. You do love your stripes, don't you? Now I know why the wardrobes you produce for people always have at least one striped garment. I love them, too. When my children were little, I was always dressing them in stripes. And I have several striped tee shirts in my wardrobe.

  6. Vivienne, I have to be honest. I'm glad you have a job, but I'm already going through withdrawals.