Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maximize your ROI: leather skirt

Brown leather skirt – Ralph Lauren

Silk blouse – Hante Hippie, cardigan – Golden Goose, sweater – Ralph Lauren, suede pumps – Sergio Rossi, bow pumps – Clarks, gold disc earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane, necklace – Kate Spade, brown clutch – Maison Martin Margiela, gold bracelet – Citrine by the Stones, scarf - Missoni

Beige sweater – Oasis, gray sweater  - J. Crew, ivory sweater – Isabel Marant, twist scarf – Hortensia, ombre scarf – Bajra, brown/gray scarf – Faiero Sarti, short boots – Madewell, backpack – Bothos, tall boots – SE Boutique

TurtleneckMissoni, pearl jewelry– Kate Spade, watch – Debenhams, yellow sweater – Lela Rose, green sweater – Jack Wills, square scarves – Hermès, tassel loafers – Bandolino, penny loafers – Church’s

Blue blouse – Diane von Furstenberg, red cardigan – Paul Smith, green sweatshirt – Adidas by Stella McCartney, blue bracelet – Chan Luu, square scarves – Hermès, brown mesh & diamond bracelet – Ylang23, wood bangles – Topshop, striped scarf – Missoni, slingbacks – Liz Claiborne, woven oxfords – Opening Ceremony


  1. Excellent ideas, and I suddenly have a craving for a chocolate brown leather skirt......

  2. I don't think I have the confidence or body to wear one of these...but I like it. xxBliss

  3. I've got a black leather pencil skirt and it sits in my closet calling me...now I can see some good options; the sweater option is marvelous. V, can you also provide some hosiery advice? This seems tricky: when to wear nothing or nude/invisible or sheer black or opaque? How to make the decision?

  4. Wow, each one of those outfits is stunning. The accessories are wonderful.

    Is a leather skirt appropriate for the (business casual) office?

  5. I would think a leather skirt which wasn't too short, too tight, or worn with inappropriate shoes/top would be fine in a business casual office; I know I would have worn one to an advertising agency in a heartbeat if I were inclined toward a leather skirt!
    thanks for being here,

  6. I was thinking of brown hosiery for these examples - more opaque tights with heavier shoe options, and sheerer with heels. When buying brown tights, you HAVE to take your garment with you, because shades of brown vary a lot, and mis-matching them is easy to do.

  7. Exquisite!. I was with you right up to the last vignette. That was outside of my comfort zone - but that is the fun of it. Different strokes for ... If only I was at my ideal weight. I would so make a splurge. It is going on my wish list.