Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A possible answer to yesterday's mystery...

I'm fighting the beginnings of a cold - FOUR DAYS before leaving on vacation.  (isn't that the way of it, sometimes?) But through the Lem-Sip fumes, I had one intelligent thought:

One theory about why we don't see a lot of stunning women; generally speaking, human posture is pretty poor.  Having taken ballet lessons for a few decades (my parents had high hopes), I couldn't slouch if you put an 80 pound backpack on me, but that's certainly not the rule anymore.  Decades ago, a young man I was dating was absolutely CONVINCED that I was a trust-fund baby, largely because of my posture. Who knew: posture makes you look wealthy?

How's your posture?


  1. My officemate has the worst posture on earth. Every time I see her, I want to dig my knuckles right between her shoulder blades.

    Oh, wait. You asked how MY posture is.

    It's fine. I do yoga six days a week, and am always paying attention to my physical composure. My body feels sore if I don't.

    Bummer about the cold. Sinus rinsing always helps me get rid of viruses quickly; you might try it.

  2. Posture is something I'm working on again--largely by channeling the ballet lessons from so long ago! One key for me is the right bag style--if that hangs well, then I don't have to compensate.

    Get well!

  3. My posture is pretty good at the moment, but slouching is something I've struggled with since I was a child. Being a very tall woman, it's not hard to imagine that I would try to minimize my height in my youth.

    Throughout my 20's and into my early 30's, I thought I was 6'1". When I met my husband at 31, I started standing up straighter and taller - he is 6'7". It wasn't a conscious decision, it just happened naturally. At 32, I got a nasty case of chicken pox (total nightmare as an adult) from his 5 year old and went to a new-to-me doctor in his town. The nurse measured me and said, "okay, so you're 6' 2" and a quarter". I was shocked and asked her to measure me again. It was true. By standing up straighter, having better posture and walking "tall", I became taller! I can't say I was thrilled to magically find another inch +, but I was pleased to know that I had straightened myself out, so to speak.

    Who knows how many women have hidden inches because of poor posture?

    Hope you feel better soon. I find that taking a zinc supplement helps me get well faster once I've begun a cold.

  4. Posture is definitely a huge part of one's confidence and style. I struggle with it, and try to be mindful of it always. I've improved but know I can do better. I do believe that good posture trumps expensive clothes.

  5. Hi, just found your blog via a friend's recommendation.
    I agree that posture is important. I always think of Tim Gunn's advice in his style book to keep your hips in "bistro position."

  6. I think my posture is o.k. I think it was helped by a few years of ballet (which I took up as an adult, just for fun).

    Based on snapshots I've seen of me, I know that I look thinner when I'm not slouching! So I try to remind myself of that when I catch myself slipping into a slouch.

    Another thing that helps me is wearing a good, supportive bra. My better bras seem to prevent fatigue, making it easier to stand up straight. They also help me to feel confident because I feel that they create a flattering silhouette.

  7. I am just now in the last year trying to correct my posture. I've been hunching my shoulders in since I started to grow breasts at 10 years old. I don't think I ever recovered from it because it still feels weird to stick them out. It makes all the difference in how I feel. I hate having to think about it all the time though.


  8. I SO agree with you! Models seem to have the worst posture with shoulders hunched forward and toes turned in. Having also studied ballet, I find the hunched up, pigeon-toed stance absolutely offensive. It isn't only models who have bad posture, but you'd expect them to stand well to make the clothes look good.

  9. I had a photo shoot today, and the makeup artist commented on how good my posture was. Then again, she was only 24 years old.

    One of the things I noticed about the differences between us (Americans/Canadians) adn them (chic Europeans) is posture. Good posture makes you look confident, your stance is determined, and your body looks better - especially if you weigh more than 100 pounds.
    Poor posture evokes an image of cowardliness, shame, laziness, etc. - as if you are shirking away from your life.

    I'm tall (5'10"), and good posture is a challenge in a world where you are trying to make eye contact with people who are mostly shorter than you. I didn't understand the importance of good posture when I was younger, but I am a committed tummy-sucking-in/shoulders-back girl now.