Wednesday, October 26, 2011

L’Armoire Idéale: A line skirt- seven ways

Skirt – Preen, denim jacket – Notify, scarf – Etro, tee shirt – American Vintage, pumps - Ecco
Tee shirt – A.L.C., tights – Falke, necklace – Miriam Salat, flats – Palazzo Bruciato, bolero – Jacques Vert, tee shirt – T by Alexander Wang, belt – Marc by Marc Jacobs, flats - Trotters
Striped top – Old Navy, sandals – Cole Haan, flower brooch – Debenhams, t-straps – Irregular Choice,  tank tops – Buckle, plum bangle – Vince Camuto, teal bracelet – Kate Spade
Black blouse – D&G, boots – H by Hudson, bikini top – Diane von Furstenberg, white cardigan – Theory, espadrilles – Mymu


  1. I'm really, really surprised you call this skirt A-line, surely it's most definitely a pleated full skirt and quite definitely not good for my derriere?!!
    Though the outfits are lovely...

  2. Like MelD said, I don't think of that skirt shape as A-line, either. Outfits were lovely, but the skirt would look awful on my body shape (high-hipped hourglass_ - it would add pounds!

  3. I think "A-line" is referring to the general silhouette and not the style of the skirt.

    You can have a full A-line (as in the pictures here) or a more streamlined cut without pleats or gathers. They will both have that same basic silhouette, i.e., some flaring at the hem, creating the shape of an "A".

    (I couldn't wear the skirt in the pictures, either. :) )

  4. There are some really surprising styling choices here and they are great ideas for looking at the same old boring A-line in a new way. I especially like the black lace blouse paired with the skirt and lace up boots. Add a leather jacket and that would be a very fun rock chick look for nights out. Also, skirt at beach: who knew?!

    Vivienne, as usual I've learned something from your posts. Love this blog!

  5. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about A-line skirts:

    I agree that the skirt in this post doesn't fit the modern definition of a-line. Although I have full skirts like this (one is nearly identical), it is challenging to wear. With the fuller skirt, longer sweaters or tops do not work. It looks bad. You either have to tuck it in, wear a short top or jacket that ends at the waist, or tie it up a la Roman Holiday or the Talented Mr. Ripley. If you have an hourglass shape, if you don't show your waist in these skirts, you will look enormous even if you are not. I'm size 6/8 in today's vanity sizing, and find that very full skirts do not look good when I'm bigger than that no matter what I do. The Lucky style manual has some tips on how to wear a full skirt.

    A true A-line skirt with no pleats and gentle flare out is much easier to wear for various body types and also combines more easily with other clothes, such as a longer sweater or top.

  6. I was always uncertain about this skirt choice - I'm glad to have the input that my uncertainty was appropriate! When I'm back from vacation, I'll definitely revisit this post with a different skirt and see how it work...
    thanks, as always, for being here!

  7. I'm not sure this skirt does suit every figure - I'm a high-hipped I shape and I know it would look awful on me, although I love the outfit combinations.