Friday, September 16, 2011

wardrobe: 4 Hermes scarves

Jacket – Stella McCartney, Dress – Max Mara, Pants – Stella McCartney, Skirt – Stella McCartney
Tee shirts – T by Alexander Wang

Tux blazer – Topshop, charcoal cardigan – Dorothy Perkins, white blouse – Topshop, black pleated skirt – Dorothy Perkins, gray wool skirt – Monsoon, jeans - Levis

Peach blouse – Equipment, peach tee – Dorothy Perkins, petrol blue sweater – American Vintage, petrol tee shirt – American vintage,  yellow sweater – N. Peal, yellow tee – Dorothy Perkins, red knot-front top – Dorothy Perkins, red sweater – Stella McCartney

Scarves – Hermès, gray pumps – Banana Republic, silver link bracelet – Michael Kors, silver hoop earrings – Michael Kors, taupe low-heeled pumps – Mia, pearl and gold earrings – Mikimoto, pearl necklace – Fallon, riding boots – Debenhams, gold earrings – Vince Camuto, watch – Michael Kors, black earrings – Bottega Veneta, black brooch – Kenneth Jay Lane, studded flats – Loeffler Randall, gold bracelet – David Yurman, gold ball earrings – JCPenney, black pumps – Kate Spade, taupe & black flats – Debenhams,  pearl earrings –, pearl brooch – Chanel, pearl bracelet – Banana Republic, taupe leather bracelet –, rough diamond earrings – Munnu,  taupe loafers – Sambag, two-tone pumps – Miu Miu


  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much! This is an excellent collection. I'm cleaning out my current clothes and am so happy to have such a fantastic guide for new ideas.


  2. Dear Vivienne, Your blog is always thought-provoking and totally absorbing, so thank you! I've identified with you, too, as I am in a creative (and academic) field and have also experienced the ups and downs of the job market and a mother who was ill.
    Would you be so kind as to help me use an Hermes scarf that I found, fittingly enough, at a thrift store for $1 two years ago when I was feeling sorry for myself after a layoff? I am now working again parttime and want to use the scarf without projecting that it's Hermes, but only that it's beautiful. I understand if you're not taking pleas for help any longer, but if you are, I'd be happy to send a photo I found online. The scarf is a green-and-orange Fleur de Lotus. I know, the colors sound awful but it's actually quite beautiful.

  3. Dear Diane,
    Definitely send me a photograph: I adore the Lotus design; I've always thought that it would be a design I would collect if I were starting from scratch (and had 2 buckets of money!). And you are a genius to have found one for $1 - I think you were meant to own it as a consolation after your layoff.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos,
    and thanks for being here with me,

  4. Beautiful set - thanks! Have you posted the names of the scarves anywhere? -mary

  5. The black and gray one is Folies du Ciel, (follies of the sky) the mauve and peach one is Rivieres du Babel (Babel tower, basically), the red one is Aux Portes de Palais (at the doors of the palace), and the blue is Paradaiza (Paradise). Whew! Challenging my memory...
    thanks for asking,

  6. Quality basics, colorful t-shirts, and unique Hermes scarves (or Hermes-inspired): flattering cross-demographically and accessible to a wide audience and shapes. Love it.

  7. I'm late to the party, I know, but I'm getting *such* an education perusing your archives. I'm finally seeing why my current wardrobe doesn't work as well as I'd like and what steps I can take to carefully curate and distill it properly. This post, in particular, is giving me ideas about how to use accessories to tie together the bright and neutral colors that I love. Thank you!