Tuesday, September 20, 2011

French Fashion Bookshelf: L’Armoire Idéale des paresseuses

Yes, it means “the perfect wardrobe for lazy women”!  It’s part of a series of whimsical little paperbacks for “des paresseuses” that includes things like cooking, dieting etc.  But this one is particularly appealing; while some of the suggestions aren’t really appropriate for everyone, there are enough thought-provoking ideas in here to leave one feeling that the time reading was well spent.  And practicing my reading in French is never a waste of time!

As with almost any “wardrobe” book, this one has “the ultimate check-list” for the perfect wardrobe.  I list them here without comment; I fully intend to debunk at least some of these in my series “Customizing the Classics” when I have a chance!

(and if anyone else has this book and can better translate these terms, PLEASE chime in with a comment.  While my French is very good, it is FAR from perfect.)

  1. Jeans which give me a hot figure
  2. Black pants, in which I forget all of my insecurities
  3. A denim skirt
  4. A little black dress
  5. A dress with spaghetti straps, which I can wear summer and winter
  6.  A white shirt
  7. A strappy top in silk
  8. Tee shirts – long- and short-sleeved, to wear with a skirt or with jeans
  9. A pile of tank-tops, which I can wear in the summer, and then recycle in the winter under a jacket
  10. v-neck which gives me super-cleavage
  11. twin-set in an accent color to give me a bit of energy
  12. men’s style jacket
  13. Denim jacket
  14. Trench coat
  15. Scarf – to knot around neck or toss nonchalantly around shoulders
  16. Silk scarf – to wear around the neck, in the hair, or as a belt
  17. Belt – somewhat funky, to give a hip touch to any outfit
  18. Opaque tights – to help a summer dress work in the winter
  19. Matching bra & panties in a flesh tone
  20. Frankly fake necklace
  21. Extravagant earrings which glamorize my outfit in 5 seconds
  22. A beautiful watch
  23. Superstar sunglasses
  24. A pair of gloves in an accent color
  25. Tote bag
  26. Small evening bag
  27. Ballet flats
  28. Black high-heels
  29. Thong-style sandals
  30. Riding boots 

An interesting list, eh?

Available here from Amazon Canada - only one copy available! or here from FNAC France.


  1. Cool book. And I am impressed that you can read/translate French that well. Bravo! xxBliss