Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wardrobe: for Ms. M

Black tuxedo blazer - OasisCardigan  - Topshopblouse – Rachel Comeytee shirt – Isabel MarantPants – Oasisskirt – Erdem, Jeans – 7 for all mankind, Scarf - Hermes

Blouse - Flannel, Trench coat – MICHAEL Michael Kors, Winter coat – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shirtdress – Oasis, Taupe pants - Chloe, skirt – Oasis, sweater – Miu Miu, Leather jacket - Mulberry

Black dress – Oasis,  Cardigan – Debenhams, Tee shirt - Oasis, Tee shirt – Jil Sander, Long-sleeved tee – Proenza Schouler, Charcoal Pants – Moschino, Gray sweater – Zoe Tees, Sequined top – Opening Ceremony

Square scarves – Hermès , Hammered gold stud earrings – Piper Lime, Ring – Aamaya by Priyanka, Amethyst earrings –, Long silk scarf – Missoni, Tote bag – Bodhi, Gloves – Keiros, Paisley scarf – Etro, Beret – John Lewis, Bracelets – Dries van Noten, Lapis teardrop earrings – Ylang23, Enamel bracelet – Hermès, Amethyst brooch – 1928, Beaded clutch – Giuseppe Zanotti, Multi-colored sandals – Diane von Furstenberg, Black boots – LifeStride, Black pumps – Sergio Rossi, Striped flats – Skechers Bobs, Blue ballet flats - Fendi, Purple loafers – Dr. Martens, Purple suede pumps - Topshop


  1. Thank you!!

    My first impression of this wardrobe is that it's very happy and cheerful! It would fit right in with the atmosphere at my workplace.

    I see some options I had not previously considered, such as non-blue jeans. I tend to go for basic black shoes and bags, but now I see how purple (!) could work just as well. And I really need to take a closer, more serious look at Hermes scarves. (I tend to admire them momentarily, and from afar.) I especially like the one in the top picture.

  2. I especially like the Erdem skirt in the top set, and the scarf there. This is a great wardrobe for someone who likes color, as I do, but tends not to wear too much of it.

  3. Thank you! I'm trying for a black, grey, purple, mustard wardrobe so this is very helpful! Eileen