Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe for a week in northern California

Important note - read the comments below!  A very generous comment from a reader who lives in Napa gives us  some essential information about what to expect for weather this time of year.  Thanks for sharing!

Cardigan – United Bamboo, beige tee shirt – weekday.com, brown tee - Vince, dress – Givenchy, tee shirt trio - Swell, olive twill pants – Donna Karan, brown cords - Vince, scarf - Hermes

Light olive cardigan – Jigsaw, olive sweater – Cruciani, silk tunic - SuperTrash,  skirt - Marni, khakis – Weekend by Maxmara, sweater – Joseph,  jacket - Barbour

Brown stud earrings – Topshop, gold ball earrings – Nordstrom, stripes scarf – Kelly Wearstler, brown cross-body bag – Oasis, Beaded bracelet – Emri, multi-strand pearl necklace – Andara, olive tote – Valentino, green onyx necklace – Isharya, wool color blocked muffler – Diane De Clercq, chandelier earrings – Miquel Ases, brown agate earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane, sunglasses – Linda Farrow, Brown boots – Coconuts, woven oxfords – Opening Ceremony, brown suede moccasins – Tod’s, brown pumps – Bandolino


  1. What a coincidence. I have been contemplating a trip to the same area at the same time since my daughter lives there and I have never visited. Thank you for solving my packing dilemma! I will just adjust the colors a bit. I eagerly anticipate your blog every morning with my coffee. It sets my day in a positive direction. Thanks again for sharing your talent :-)

  2. I am always amazed at your talent! Reading your post every morning gets my day off to a good start.

  3. I live in this area. And while the average high in San Francisco and Monterey is around 70 degrees, Napa (and neighboring Sonoma) is much hotter. Average highs are closer to 80-85 Farenheit. It's a dry heat, but be prepared for it to be quite warm, especially in the afternoons. I tend to like skirts and sandals when it's that hot. Boots are put away until November, except maybe short boots every once in a while.

    Mornings are likely to be cooler in the coastal areas about 60ish, and possibly foggy, especially early in September, less so later. The fog typically burns off by noon, but it can roll back in the early evening too. Nights are nearly always cool in California. Rain is extremely unlikely before very late October. Dress in layers for variable temperatures, make sure you have a warm enough jacket (San Francisco does a lot of tourist business selling sweatshirts), and maybe one more warm scarf.

  4. Vivienne, you Darling! I love that you made my wardrobe! I shall study it carefully and adjust for my color scheme. (May have to squeeze in some pre-trip shopping!) Also, thank you to the comment from your reader Anonymous, very helpful. It is such fun to open your blog and see what you have posted!
    XO, Marys

  5. I'm not sure you haven't done this but I hate brown and green together. Can you do one for a brighter spring, with brown and maybe blues (turquoise, aqua, not navy)?

    Casual would be great! Thanks!

  6. I'm loving this one. I love the brown and green together.

    1. Me too! I just found this old post and it's just in time for our current weather change from summer to fall. Heading to my closet right now to sort out some greens and Browns!

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