Friday, August 05, 2011

Sumptuous scarves - Kathy Murphy Childs

I spent last weekend in Florida, but I was thinking of you all while I was walking through a street market in the beautiful town of Celebration.  The scarves above are just a very few of the BEAUTIFUL assortment of hand-painted scarves made by the very talented Kathy.  She encompasses every color in the rainbow, and I'm sure would be willing to put together specific color combinations if you asked her nicely!  And these scarves are VERY reasonably priced - I don't remember seeing any that were more than $50 (US dollars), and many are under $30.

She can be reached at  She's lovely, pleasant, and tremendously gifted;   if you don't feel comfortable with traditional square Hermes-style scarves, her creations are a glorious alternative.  


  1. I really love these colors-they would suit me. What were the materials?
    Trish B

  2. Beautiful scarves, perfect for a "summer" colouring.

    Mme UK

  3. These are a lightweight silk - not chiffon, but not as "crispy" as a new Hermes scarf. And she has EVERY color in the rainbow available - we were photographing with a phone and they didn't all turn out. Her autumn coloring were amazingly creative and beautiful.