Friday, August 12, 2011

Paris shopping: Clif Shoes

I'm rather drawn to accessories that have a menswear flair - especially in shoes. Men's shoes are timeless in their styling, and their quality is unparalleled.  Clif leather goods are beautifully well made, and they seem to emphasize the quality and the beauty of leather.  It's hard to explain;  just go there if you get a chance and see if it makes more sense to you!

My last wardrobe addition, from our trip in March:

I adore them.


  1. I LOVE these. I want.

    I've been dreading the need to purchase some great walking heels/wedges for Paris this winter, but maybe all I need to do is wait until I arrive and head over there.


  2. Ooh, I love those. I'll keep an eye out for that store on our next visit.

  3. those are just my style. I have a similar looking pair I bought 4 or 5 years ago. I keep them in primo shape. They aren't this brand and I'm sure they didn't cost what these must but I love love love them.

  4. Lovely shoes, I have several pairs of brogue style shoes, mine are with higher heels and a pointier toe which suit my long slim feet.

    Mme UK

  5. I've had a pair of very similar shoes for a decade. They've been worn to death and are probably due for a replacement. I've been looking everywhere. I did find a US made similar shoe but they are unfortunately killing my heels even though the shoes were fine in the store. This may be an alternative. The others might need to be chalked up to a very expensive mistake if I can't figure out how to break them in without breaking my feet first.

  6. I have shopped at Clif ( Paris) several times and I love each pair of shoes as if they were my children!! I have a few pairs of brogues, a few loafers and summer shoes. I am the average mum of 4 who works hard to afford to travel. My absolute luxury is Clif purchases. On a recent trip to Tassie at the Grand Chancellor Hotel lobby I was enjoying a glass or 3 of wine when a group of people were so enamoured with my Clif shoes they actually created quite a fuss. I am going to Paris in 2014 and will be purchasing more Clif without a doubt!!! Before I had children I wore Bally and Kurt Geiger. My feet were indulged. Now, I'm happy to wear my adorable, comfortable, stylish and sophisticated Clif. Although I still buy Theo eyewear - living way beyond my means..... Oh well YOLO right??