Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not so crazy eights: Warm Brown

Unquestionably the hardest eight garments to find - if you love this color, you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for these rare gems.  But you get all of the most GORGEOUS accessories! And the scarcity just makes your personal style all the more precious...
Jacket – Vince, Cardigan – Closed, Long-sleeved shirt – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tee shirt – Michael Stars, Dress – Michael by Michael Kors, Sweater – Closed, Pants – Michael Kors, Skirt – Alberta Ferretti
1. Pumps – Stuart Weitzman, Scarf – Hermès, bag – Vanessa Bruno
2. Brogues – Novacas, necklace – Kenneth Jay Lane, earrings – Peggy Li
3. Pumps – Sergio Rossi, scarf –Paul Smith, brooch – Fantasy Jewelry Box
4. Bronze ballet flats - Lanvin, ring – Ayssa London, bracelet – Asos
5. FlatsTod’s, scarf – Hermès, bag – Hermes
6. Short boots - Born, earrings – John Lewis, necklace – Kenneth Jay Lane
7. Mary Janes – Chie Mihara, scarf – Gucci, bracelet – Kenneth Cold
8. Loafers – Balenciaga, Watch - Seiko,  ring – Yves Saint Laurent
9. Pumps – Rockport, scarf – Hermès, bag – Valentino
10. Shoes – Mulberry, Bracelet – 1928, earrings – 1928
11. Pumps –Michael Kors, scarf – Emilio Pucci, earrings - Pipelime
12. Pumps - Rockport, necklace– Kate Spade, ring – 1928


  1. I don't wear brown, but this wardrobe is gorgeous - and would suit my sister-in-law beautifully. Warm and rich.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous and just the 8 pieces I need to start! I would add some blues like turquoise and teal, and I wear red with brown as well.

    You are so right about these colours being so tough to find. I grab them whenever I can find them.

    Another Canadian.

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted a chocolate sheath dress, but have never, ever found one.

    I have a chocolate Tory Burch cardigan, a chocolate crew neck sweater, and (my prized beauty) a chocolate sweater coat with a faux fur collar. Chocolate is richer than black, yet goes with everything that black does. My next pursuit is a pair of chocolate jeans...

  4. Wow! Just beautiful. I have recently decided to add more browns to my wardrobe, so really appreciated your post today.

  5. This is a lovely wardrobe, and as you say, an uncommon colour palette.

    I'd like your opinion - would it work with grey hair? I've moved away from rust and brown since I stopped dying my hair. But the other day I read something about older (grey haired) women avoiding black as it is too harsh.

  6. I think someone with gray hair could definitely wear brown; a few weeks ago I posted a clipping from French Chic that included a wardrobe that used gray and brown as the two pivotal colors. The wardrobe recommendations for both Spring and Autumn colorings include brown as a base neutral. It all depends on your coloring; I don't necessarily agree that older women should avoid black, but then I never agree with any blanket advice about color!

  7. This is beautiful! I just happened upon this blog (through Adrienne's blog... I lurk there)! I've been going through some of the archives, and you truly do have a knack for this! It gives me such great ideas!

    I know that you have a bunch of these that you are working on , but I'd like to throw my hat in the ring if you are still accepting "applicants"!

    I work from home, so I can be pretty casual, but I would still like to look polished for errands, etc. I do have to don "business attire" (but not a suit) a couple of times a month.

    I am 35, tall, long brown hair, blue eyes. I love to wear brown, but honestly, I have mostly black in my wardrobe. I receive the most compliments when I wear royal blue (top, jacket, etc). I wear mostly silver jewelry.

    My problem is staying polished while being casual. How do I pull it all together?

    Thanks! Joni

  8. Vivienne, I love your website and am a devoted follower. Wonder if I could also put in a request: I am a 50+ year old, working in an office, Cool Summer. I LOVE the combination of beiges/browns put together with charcoal/black. This worked well for me when I was younger with dark blonde highlighted hair, but as I get older I'm letting my hair go natural (silver)and am wondering if there's a way to still make this work? I know if anyone could put it together, you could! I'm open to any new color suggestions from you, too, though. Maybe it's time to rethink my palette?

  9. Hi Vivienne,

    You are so right about the scarcity of a good selection in a complex chocolate brown in clothes.It is a bit easier in accessories but still you need to pay more to have the right richness. This is my best neutral for most of the year and finally, in frustration, I broke down and added a lot of black in my wardrobe so I could have the styles I wanted. However, you have reminded me to go for the best, so I am going to slowly lose the black and find the brown.
    PS, I have found a few items for my Baltic Cruise using your guidelines. Clearly, I will have to wait until the spring for most things but sales are good right now.

    Thanks again for all your inspiration,

    Deb, A Canadian

  10. Vivienne,
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    They come in a variety of colors. Thanks again!
    Peggy Li

  11. Vivienne, this deep warm brown is a great color on me, but I've always felt it didn't look good with other deep warm brown pieces, like it didn't match. I would never have thought to put a brown top with a similar brown skirt or pants.