Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Not so crazy eights: Casual winter wardrobe in Black

Jacket – Barbour, Cardigan – Sonia Rykiel, Turtleneck – John Smedley, Tee shirt – Proenza Schouler, Jeans - Wranglers, Sweater – Bottega Veneta, Pants – Calvin Klein, Skirt – Ralph Lauren

Lest anybody assume that the eight-piece core wardrobe is only for a dressy office environment, I offer up a core wardrobe that is pretty much my standard uniform through the winter.  To this mix you can toss in an argyle cardigan, a couple of white tee shirts, and a black and white striped sweater, and that covers me (literally) for anything outside of work except the most extraordinarily dressy dinners.  Enjoy!

1. Boots - Nordstrom, Scarf – Pucci, tote bag - Missoni
2. Brogues – Robert Clergerie, necklace – Swarovski, square stud earrings - Meadowlark
3. Boots –, scarf –Modcloth, sunglasses – Ray Ban’s
4. Flats – Giuseppe Zanotti, ring – Alexis Bittar, bracelet – Roberto Di Castro
5. Flats – Stuart Weitzman, scarf – Michael Kors, black beret - Topshop
6. Flats – G by GUESS, earrings – Mikimoto, ice cream satin clutch – Lulu Guinness
7. SlingbacksAsos, scarf – Crumpet, bracelet – Alexis Bittar
8. Loafers – Rupert Sanderson, scarf - Etro,  ring – Kenneth Jay Lane
9. Pumps – Soft Style, scarf – Hermès, earrings – Dorothy Perkins
10. Shoes – Tod’s, Bracelet – House of Harlow, hoop earrings – Miss Selfridge
11. high-tops - Converse, scarf –Etro, tote – Anya Hindmarch
12. Penny loafers – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shawl – Julia Cocco, watch - Movado

I'm toying with the idea of how a wardrobe would be built around one garment - a statement or investment piece.  Any requests? Just leave me a comment!  love, Vivienne


  1. I am now hooked on your posts. What a lovely eye you have for form, color, combinations. It is a real gift! I have a beautiful silk suit from Wiell I bought in Metz this summer. Black and cream oblong dots on a tulip skirt and a beautiful jacket (that, with the help of my seamstress) is totally reversible -- from the black and cream to cream and black stylized flowers. Soft, cascading pleats. It was too beautiful not to buy. I'm mostly an autumn/warm color woman (rich greens, aubergine, etc.) Would love to have you style the piece --- cannot find it on the web. Susan

  2. Most of my core pieces are thank you for this! Love it!! : ) xxBliss

  3. Dear Susan, Try to take a snapshot of your suit and email it to me - my email is on the "Hermes scarves for sale" page of this blog. I'd love to see the suit and take a shot at expanding its possibilities for you!

  4. I love this! I actually have a version of all those pieces in my closet right now. I never would have thought to put them together like this. Thank you so much for the visuals!! I am totally loving these posts.

  5. I love how you've mixed the different pieces to create numerous outfits. At first i didn't think you would be able to come up with so much but this has inspired me to experiment with my wardrobe.

    Can you do a post for Undergrad/Graduate/Masters student on how to build a wardrobe slowly on a student budget :)

    xo, Stephanie

  6. Thank you so much for these wonderful posts. I am having so much fun reading them! Eileen

  7. Love how you present these! My dilemma is how to transition away from black clothing. I have the 8 core pieces and more in black. Unfortunately, my coloring is fairly soft and black isn't really my best color anymore, especially near my face. I'm not planning to toss all the black, but am making an effort to avoid buying more of it. The problem is that I'm going off in several different directions. First it was brown, then grey, and more recently white and navy. I have some but not all of the 8 core pieces in all of these.

  8. How useful! If I were trying to create a wardrobe that needed more elevated basics (working from home, it isn't necessary so I go in another direction), I would absolutely try to model this.

    I love the idea of working around a statement piece. A fabulous biker jacket would be my vote!

  9. Have been loving your various wardrobes but this is the one I had been really hoping you would do. I love wearing black clothes (and various scarves) so over the moon to see this. Thank you!

  10. What fun! My statement piece is a ruffled black frock coat from the Japanese design house "Black Peace Now." I'd love a peek at a wardrobe inspired by vintage sensibilities. I love Victorian, Edwardian, 1930-1950 styles and I have something echoing most of those fashions in my current somewhat haphazard classic/romantic wardrobe. I'm 5'4", Nordic pale with hennaed strawberry-blonde hair (very thin and fine so I adore hats that cover this fact up) and blue-grey eyes. I've been told I can pull off both black and brown. Pastels tend to wash me out and I get compliments when I'm dressed in cool jewel tones. I'm somewhere between hourglass and pear so I always try to accentuate my waist and sorry Susan Sommers pleated pants look awful on me. Any inspiration for me?

  11. Sumire - I would LOVE to try a wardrobe for you - could you send me a photo of your coat?
    And I'll do my very best!

  12. Just as I'm trying to gently guide myself away from a black-based wardrobe, you throw this out there. Sigh. I love black. Timeless, elegant, practical and edgy all at the same time.

  13. I have to agree with Rebekah...I've been trying to add some color into my wardrobe and you do this to me! How I adore black...