Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Hermes scarves for sale!

It's about time I practice what I preach!  I don't have a job, and I have WAAAY more Hermes scarves than I need.  Once upon a time, when eBay was a warm and friendly place, I would have sold them there and it would have been simple.  But now, selling on eBay is a terrifying risk of money and property, and I'd rather avoid it.

Thus, each of these scarves is $250 US, shipped within the US for free.  Outside the US, purchaser will pay the EXACT freight charges - no markup.  Email me at theviviennefiles@gmail.com if you wish to see more pictures, or to arrange payment details.
Plumes et Grelots (feathers & sleigh bells) black border, with jacquard pattern of holly leaves

Romantique - soft green with jacquard pattern of crossed guitars

Ciels Byzantins - jacquard with black border

Napoleon - very pale pink - with jacquard of bees

Napoleon - bright green - with jacquard of bees


  1. Hi,

    Its me, Deb, going on the Baltic Cruise.I would be very pleased to buy one of your scarves if you have one that would coordinate with the capsule you put together for me.I am using it like a "bible" to guide my choices.


  2. Let me dig through my stash - I might have just the ticket! Email me your contact information to theviviennefiles@gmail.com and I can send some pictures.

  3. WOW--they are stunning! I've never been great about actually using the silk scarves I own and have better luck with my variety of oblong styles. Otherwise, I might have snagged one of these up! They would be beautiful framed on the wall. Works of art, indeed!

  4. Great! It sounds good. Thanks for sharing..
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