Saturday, August 13, 2011

Customizing the Classics: white shirt

White shirt – Hugo Boss

Beige blouse – Miss Selfridge, Blue blouse – Equipment, Grey shirt - Topshop

Beige blouse – Vanessa Bruno, Ivory blouse – See by Chloe, White blouse – Donna Karan  
Grey sweater – J. Crew, Camel sweater – Ralph Lauren, Beige sweater - Burberry

White tee – Blossom, Camel tee – Oasis, Gray tee - Kookai

Tweed skirt – Lanvin, Camel jeans – Moto, Brown silk pants – 3.1 Phillip Lim


  1. Great advice as always, Vivienne. As you say, we all have unique needs, I wouldn't feel at all comfortable wearing a starchy white shirt.

    Mme UK

  2. Yes, very good advice. Bright white looks awful on me, so it's good to be reminded that the 'intent' is the important thing.

    I would love it if your 'spreads' had links through to where the clothes can be bought online - so of them I really covet!

  3. I love your blog, it is amazing. I am Hungarian, and it was difficult for me to find similar sites in my language. However, I found a blog that posts grean capsule wardrobes from Japaneese (!) fashion magazines. They are really great, and perfectly demonstrate how long you can co with only a few items that can be really well combined!I never thought that my greatest fashin inspirations would come from Japan, besides your own faboulous advises!

  4. You are incredible; what an excellent way to sum up the options for the white shirt by pointing out what the white shirt is "doing" in a wardrobe. I love all the options you've offered; now I "get" the white shirt thing! You are so inspiring, keep up these great posts.

  5. I can't tell you how often I have bought a white shirt and regretted it; the colour just doesn't work for me and I just feel so stiff in them.

    Thanks for really pointing out the reason for a "white shirt" in your wardrobe and for offering options to get us all thinking!

    Another Canadian

  6. Since I am only 5"4', short waisted and wear a size D bra - button down white shirts are a no no. Bright Whites also not a great color for me. I have spent far too much time and money looking for and buying button down white shirts.

    Another must have that does not work for me - a beige trench coat. Add too much volume in all the wrong places.

    My must-haves include "V" neck cashmere sweaters.

  7. So glad you addressed the white shirt issue. For years I've had button front white shirts in my closet and all they did was hang there. I finally got rid of them because I just don't enjoy wearing them. I have several good white tees and love those but the button downs just don't do well. I was beginning to think (after reading that everyone should have one) that I just needed to search for one with the perfect fit. Now I think I'll just be content with my white tees and off-white pullover sweaters. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for a great post. I agree the "intent" is so important, it is what makes dressing/fashion personal.

  9. Thank you! This is such excellent advice to keep in mind as I revamp my wardrobe. I love button-down shirts, but they don't like busty me.