Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wardrobe: things you will never see

I spend a LOT of time looking at clothing, shoes and accessories, and I've noticed that I have certain ABSOLUTE biases about what I will or will not include in the wardrobes I build for you.  If you particularly love any of the following items, you'll have to find them on your own!  There's no good explanation for these aversions except just my personal tastes...

  1. platform shoes - Olive Oyl is NOT a fashion icon
  2. open-toed boots - I just don't see the logic
  3. visible logos - only if a garment is absolutely perfect in every other way would I consider including a visible brand name.  Unless you are compensated appropriately, do NOT endorse any company.
  4. Baby-doll garments.  I'm an adult, and I will assume that you are too.
  5. Products from any "designed" who is better know as a reality TV star, musical recording artist, or a viral porn video star.
  6. Anything coming from Asian companies which seem to counterfeit legitimate products.
  7. Anything with skulls on it.  I know one of the late, great designers put skulls on MANY of his accessories; I just don't find them appropriate nor ornamental.
  8. Tee-shirts with writing on them.  The female torso gets quite enough attention without giving anybody an excuse to stare at it.
  9. Any garment sufficiently revealing to cause disquiet among parents of young children.
Just wanted to make this clear to everbody!  Thanks, as always, for reading.

much love,


  1. Honestly, I think those are excellent rules. :-) Side note: Just looking at platforms causes my ankles to cringe in fear.

  2. Thank goodness - someone else who sees the inherent silliness of open toed boots.

  3. Totally agree - I particularly detest platform flip flops.

    What about:

    Colorful tight fitting hoodies with matching yoga style pants that may or may not have logos, or some rhinestoned fleur de lys or the above mentioned skull motif. I saw a middle aged (45 -50) woman in a neighboring town this morning wearing one in bright lilac - head to toe.

  4. We wouldn't expect anything less from you! :)

    - Kate

  5. You forgot pants or shorts with words like sexy or hot on the backside. Seriously ?!!

  6. Agreed - not for me either.

    Mme UK

  7. I do not get open-toed boots. And I would think they hurt.

    And I hate the skull motif! I get it if you are wanting to project a tough image - as in, you drive Harleys - but on a $500 scarf? Or rhinestone earrings? I don't get it.

    Good rules!

  8. Why specifically "Asian" companies? There are many counterfeiters from Europe and the Americas.

  9. I love your criteria and restrictions. Would never dream to wear any of those.

  10. ABSOLUTELY ....
    I also include insane heels.

  11. ABSOLUTELY ....
    I also include insane heels.