Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wardrobe: gray, plum and sea green

Blazer – DKNY, Cardigan – Etro, Silk blouse – Paul & Joe, Silver short-sleeed top – Jason Wu, Pin-striped pants – Moschinol Skirt – Lanvin, Jeans – J. Brand. Scarf - Hermès

A very appreciated reader in the UK asked for "My colouring is "Summer"; style "Full Classic"; bodyline "Straight". A little more info on colour - My 100% Neutral is Dark Blue Grey; 100% Basics - Deep Sea Green, and Plum, and I suit the deep and smokey colours of my palette."  This is what I chose for her...

Blouse – Dolce & Gabbana , Trench Coat – Alberta Feretti, Charcoal coat – Jaeger. Dress – Rick Owens, 
Pants – Etro, , Skirt – Max Mara Studio, Sweater – Jardin des Orangers, Tweed jacket – Paul & Joe

Dress – Max Mara, cardigan – Lucien Pellat-Finet, Green shirt - Fanfare, Beaded top – Lela Rose, Purple turtleneck – Dolce & Gabbana, Gray velvet cord pants – Gucci, Gray sweater– Rag & Bone, Lilac lace top – Debenhams

Dangle earrings – 1928, Purple and green amethyst ring – ylang23, Watch – Adidas, Pearl and gold hoop earrings – Mikimoto, Pearl necklace – Mikimoto, Stone necklace – Sequin, Gray crystal pyramid stud earrings - Jada, Gloves – John Lewis, Purple bag – Ellington, Muffler – Etro, Grey suede loafers – Tod’s, Gray flannel pumps – Stuart Weitzman, Gray sandals – Calvin Klein, Riding boots – Frye, Purple flats – Yves Saint Laurent
Suede oxfords – ModCloth , Athletic shoes – Fratelli Rossetti


  1. Thank you, what a fabulous collection you have put together for me.

    As a "full Classic" I don't find it easy to dress casually without feeling scruffy, and I very rarely wear jeans (although I do have a pair in very dark denim). My mission, with patience and focus, is to source a pair of Grey Velvet Cord Pants - not a garment I would attempt to sew myself. A pair of smart casual flat shoes along the lines you have shown, and most definitely a silk scarf. This could take some time.

    Thanks again, from your appreciated reader,
    Mme UK

    1. Try in the fall. They almost always have grey cords.

  2. Lovely. Just lovey.

  3. This is beautiful. Although some of the items are not my style, the colors are. You have given me some great ideas! Thank you.

  4. Vivienne,

    I believe my earlier, unfinished post was lost in cyberspace. In addition to cheering you on at your workplace, I wanted to ask for help for my body type: I'm an inverted triangle, with cool "winter" coloring. My office's dress code is business casual (although occasionally I make appearances before administrative law judges on behalf of our clients.) My developing color scheme includes charcoal, burgundy, and blue. Thanks for your generosity!

  5. Got it - you're on the list! thanks for reading, Vivienne

  6. I love your choices, especially the blouses and coats. What a great eye you have!

  7. Just beautiful. I can wear all these...

  8. Just a question... Your choices are absolutely exquisite. I notice the sources for these items, and they usually include only items from very expensive clothes brands, including about 4 Hermes scarves per capsule. Is it possible to try to do this on a more moderate budget - not cheap, but something along the lines of Talbots etc. Or is that just a waste of money in your opinion. I would love to find one of these wardrobes and copy it as I best can, and for my body type. Is that missing the point? I have purchased items from Talbots, L.L. Bean, TravelSmith, and the less expensive Ralph Lauren selection. If you have some really good suggestions for finding good items for good prices, I would love to hear more. I also try to find some of my items in stores like Winners. Does this method basically defeat the purpose? Will those items not stand the test of time when putting fewer items for more frequent use? My budget may also never allow for a real Hermes scarf but could I do it with some slightly less pricey ones as long as I stick to the same principles? Like good wool suits, real silk scarves, and better leather shoes. I am asking about those shoes and scarves that are around $100, and $200 suits $200 handbags on sale, denim, winter coats and cashmere from L.L. Bean, and up. I would never consider knock-offs or compromise with the fibres of the fabrics. Still what I would consider quality.
    Do you think such items will hold up, with reasonable care?