Friday, July 29, 2011

Not so crazy eights: Ivory

Jacket – Christopher LemaireCardigan – Unger-Fashion, Long-sleeved shirt – Alexander McQueen, Tee shirt –, DressMaxmara Studio, Sweater – Bally, Pants – 3.1 Philip Lim, Skirt – Kelly Ewing
1. Pumps – Stuart Weitzman, Scarf – Hermès, bag - Fendi
2. Brogues – Dorothy Perkins, necklace – Kate Spade, earrings – Kate space
3. Pumps – Rupert Sanderson, scarf – Robindira, bee brooch – Kenneth Jay Lane
4. Flats – Melissa, ring – Lola Rose, bracelet – R. J. Graziano
5. Flats – Henry cuir, scarf – Hermès, bag – Gucci
6. Flats – Church’s, earrings – YlKara Ross, brooch – 1928
7. Slingbacks – Stella McCartney, scarf – Moriyoshi the Third, bracelet – Shared Earth
8. Loafers – Marc Jacobs, necklace – Gerard Yosca, calcite ring –
9. Pumps – Paul Smith, scarf – Hermès, bag – Dian von Furstenberg
10. Loafers - Gucci, bracelet – House of Harlow 1960, earrings – Ylang23
11. Pumps – Rupert Sanderson, scarf – J. Crew, brooch – Fantasy Jewelry Box
12. Pumps – Prada, necklace – Kenneth Jay Elizabeth Showers, rings – Ariella Collection
This is rather the same idea as yesterday's core wardrobe, but think what happens if you have already built yesterday's eight items, and then you add on today's eight items...  The options expand exponentially.  Toss in a couple of items in a warm peach, a few things in a soft mossy green, and you're all set forever.

A far from exhaustive bunch of outfits!

I have to put a note in here - I select the clothing in these wardrobes on the basis of their overall look, and the quality of the photograph.  I am under NO illusion than most of us are going to go running out and replicate these wardrobes exactly as shown.   Believe me, these looks can be adapted to pretty much any budget.

And if you're one of the true environmental heroines who patronizes thrift and second-hand stores, you have my admiration and my thanks!  We all need to work to make sure that clothes are worn by someone through the entirety of their useful life, and removing the stigmas from used clothing is a great place to start.   If it's okay to donate, it's okay to buy...


  1. I am really enjoying your blog and I have a question to ask you and your readers: Whenever I find a pair of pants or top/tee that fit me well, I will buy them in different colors. I do not enjoy shopping for clothes and it is especailly difficult and frustrating to find pants that fit. Even though I assessorize, I get bored with my clothes since it is essentailly the same style, only in different colors. My question is do you recommend doing this or should I put more effort into finding various styles that fit me. I am a size 12/14 so it's not like there isn't a variety out there. Thank you for your advice. Deborah

  2. White looks so good, but I was cringing this summer at all the white outfits on airplanes--I kept waiting for the inevitable spill!

  3. Winter white is so beautiful! I know it doesn't fit my lifestyle (mom and chemistry teacher) so I am using your groups of 8 to inspire me gray/black wardrobe!

  4. I just want to say again how much I adore this blog. Please don't stop. I read a lot of blogs and this one is extra fabulous. Thank you for taking the time to share your talent with your readers :-)

  5. I really love these sets! I am very fair and cannot wear grey or black, so seeing these softer colors helps me a lot!

  6. I have only recently began incorporating white in my wardrobe. I am looking for the perfect white blouse and perfect white dress; the white blouse is a Holy Grail quest.

    To respond to the question posed by the first commenter, I don't think it makes sense to buy several colors of one pair of trousers you find that finally fit you. I have a host of fit issues: tall/small waist/wide hips/huge thighs/long inseam. I think it is more important to find a pair of trousers that fit, in the highest quality you can afford, and accessorize the heck out of them with a good variety of tops, belts, and shoes. I have a pair of black trousers that are a dream, and I've been wearing them once a week for 4 years.

    As for tops that you find that fit, just get 2-3 in good neutrals, and use jewelry/cardigans/scarves to change up the look.

    Vivienne - this is why your series on capsule wardrobes is so useful. We need to get away from owning multiples of things. Let a gorgeous pair of tailored trousers stand on their own! It's the only sane way to build a wardrobe and personal style.