Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been thinking...

(did you see smoke?)

When I get up to 100 wardrobes, I'm going to put them all into a self-published book.

Good idea?

love, V


  1. Yes-I would buy it. I've been reading your blog since you started and love your wardrobes. I would like to request one for a True/Cool Summer palette. I just had my colors analyzed, and I need to get away from blacks and brights-they were overwhelming me! I'm looking for something creative for a 50+ yo teacher for little kids, and also church /dress up clothes. I can't wear jeans all the time-nor do I want to!

    Trish-posting as anonymous because Google keeps kicking me out.

  2. Good idea? FABULOUS IDEA! I'm clapping my hands (in between typing)! xo, A

  3. Oh yes, most definitely.

    Mme UK

  4. Fantastic idea!!!

    - Kate

  5. Absolutely fabulous idea!!


  6. Mais, oui! Do it. If you can't do it the old fashion way...try doing an eBook and sell it on your blog. I love the capsules. Maybe you could/should call your future book CCC (Chic Clothing Capsules);). xxBliss

  7. Yes, you might even consider getting a publisher.

  8. I would like a signed copy of your book.

  9. It's a totally great idea!

  10. Oh please do...
    I'm still trying to work out what colours I am... a history of being told winter because of dark hair and fairish skin but golden brown eyes and I like softer warmer colours, too...??!! Black or no black!!
    So I really need your help to find my colour palette and make a sensible capsule wardrobe with style - there is no book out there for the twenty-tens, so a market ready and waiting!!!

  11. Replies
    1. ... I've lost count! But I DO have a book (well, two books) in mind. I'm going to start working on one that I'm going to self-publish...