Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vivienne Video: Kings of Pastry

This video documentary is available streaming on Netflix (   - it follows pastry chefs who compete in the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition for patisserie.  It's sort of like the Olympics of pastry - every four years, a group of pastry chefs who have "qualified" spent three days preparing something like 40 different recipes, along with a pop quiz or two thrown into the mix.  

One of the tables of pastries created by just ONE of the contestants.

They dip chocolates, bake cakes, pull sugar ribbons, make lollipops- there's no limit to what these chefs can do.  These guys are amazing, and once you've watched this film, you'll understand why the caliber of food in France is so high and the standards so rigorous.

Another table of items created by one of the competitors.  Amazing...


  1. I have read on other blogs that Blogger is being a pill again this morning.

    I "like" PBS on Facebook and read a mention about this the other day. I think it aired on PBS earlier this week, but I missed it. If I can't find it on On Demand, I will watch it here (I don't enjoy watching videos on my computer if I can get it on the TV). It sounds interesting, and I am sure it will be a feast for the eyes.

    Now I want a French lollipop!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation; I watched this yesterday while recovering from nasal surgery on Tuesday. Ah, I was so crushed when Phillipe's sugar sculpture collapsed!

    I am beginning to think I haven't much of a sweet tooth, because nothing in that 90 minutes looked edible to me or twinged my appetite.

  3. I have successfully lost my sweet tooth, but I can still admire the skill and the passion that goes into this profession. Thanks for sharing the link!