Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Vivienne Veto: too tight tops

The cotton candy is a nice touch...

Ah, tourist season brings out the snarly in Vivienne's personality.  She and I agree that the sheer tee shirt, when worn in multiples, can be a cute way to layer up colors and give a little pizzazz to otherwise pedestrian tee shirt looks.  But those very thin, lightweight shirts are NOT meant to be worn alone, nor are they meant to be skin tight.  Unless you're VERY fit, this kind of look gives away much more information than is necessary or desirable.

If I wanted to see the contours of your navel, I'd go hunt you down on the beach.  On the street, please keep the hills and valleys of your torso better concealed.  And if I can see your tattoo(s) through the shirt....  words fail me.


  1. If you are wearing this, you must be thinking:
    a) I don't care, and neither should you
    b) I'm in my Rubens-esque glory
    c) Bra? You're supposed to wear a bra?
    d) I had no idea I was pregnant
    e) I was just mugged in an alley, and they took all my clothes and left me with this.

    Why, oh why, do we have to see this in public? My mother would tell me to mind my own business, but that admonishment is only applicable if this person were lounging in the privacy of their own home. I'm surprised we're not seeing Juicy tightly splayed across the ample nether region.

  2. Moms (and female relatives) need to teach their daughters better as well. My students had a big festival day at school yesterday where many of the girls wore white dresses. Let's just say that no one told them about neutral underwear or layering with a cami and slip. I heard one girl announce at the top of her lungs, "I know I'm wearing purple underwear!"

  3. I have mixed feelings about this, erm unfortunate photo! Part of me wants to say," good on you, let it all hang out",
    "its your business after all!" But another part of me is a bit judgemental, and I have NO right to be. Those who cannot look at people dressed in this way, look away, its not for you to judge, it is not your lifestyle, I am not inviting negative backlash, but I think if you look down on certain people for what they look like, then you must be as deep as a puddle.

  4. There is a word that has gone out of style, unfortunately. That word is "inappropriate". I don't think it is judgmental to have a negative reaction. It is human nature, quite spontaneous and absolutely not meant at all. It is actually inconsiderate of the person to dress that way because it makes one uncomfortable about where to look, as if looking at something private and makes me feel like I am intruding by seeing what I am seeing.

    1. I am very sorry that less than perfect people make you feel uncomfortable, its apparent that you are vastly superior to lots of "inconsiderate" people. What is actually inappropriate is your attitude, the world is full of people like you, who will try to justify a non judgemental attitude by being passive aggressive. Has the person in the photo been asked to be ridiculed? Probably not. Unbelievable.