Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Tale of Two Tee Shirts

Friday afternoon I was waiting for my esteemed partner to leave the office so we could begin our weekend adventures together, and while I was waiting, I saw a woman wearing exactly the same tee shirt I had on.  

My outfit was basically the one on the left.  Hers is on the right.

She had worked in an office all day.  I had been home job hunting.

I feel like I'm doing something very wrong....

But the bright side of this is how very versatile a taupe tee shirt can be!  That was the lesson that I've taken away from this encounter.

Now I've got to figure out if I'm overdressing for the current job market.


  1. Your outfit is great and perfect for job hunting...the other but not for the office??? Just found your blog and now a new follower!
    Good luck with the job hunting!

  2. Seriously, the other outfit at the office? I'm hoping the wearer of the shorts had just popped in briefly on Friday afternoon, perhaps to retrieve something left behind! Otherwise, casual Friday can be taken too far. Your outfit was casual and refined. You are doing nothing wrong!

  3. I agree with the other commenters. Perhaps it was "Casual Friday" in her office that day and she was taking full advantage of it, I hope.

  4. My vote is for your outfit too. I think "casual" has gone too far in the office and in every day life. : ) xxBliss

  5. I'd wear either of those outfits. Although I've been making an effort to dress more professionally, my office is super casual, and the outfit on the right could be appropriate except for the plastic flip flops. To make your outfit less conservative, you could try different earrings and shoes.

    For job hunting (interviews), I always dress very conservatively, no matter how casual the industry.

  6. It depends on for what industry and position you are hunting. There was a good article in the WSJ this weekend on appropriate shorts attire for four different careers.

    Cargo pants are not appropriate office attire. I'm youngish and hip, and even I can see that.

  7. Hmm, personally I like your outfit better. However, was the other lady a realtor? I've noticed that our realtor (whom we used 2 years ago and are still friends with) usually dresses impeccably, but appropriately for the weather. I could see her in a similar outfit when having to run around to show a lot of houses in this city heat (where anything longer/heavier would leave her looking a mess).

  8. I like your outfit so much better, because a) I never wear flip-flops (toe problems, must always have an ankle strap) b) I never wear capris (make my legs look stubby and really, they are no cooler than my Target 100% linen drawstring pants and c) I am MAD for driving mocs. So you win, hands down.

  9. No, you're absolutely not overdressing for the current job market. Hopefully the flip flop phase will pass soon.

  10. Based on my 30 plus years in management, over-dressing is not something to worry about. You want to look pulled together and very capable, you want to have some "mystique". (Can't explain it, but if you're female and highly paid you need to look as if you go to important places...)
    The look on the right would be good for Sat morning grocery shopping. To me, it looks like a young mother had popped into the

    You are amazingly talented and someone wil recognize this.

    Flip flops are not leadership material.My 30 something daughter is a primary teacher and she couldn't wear the ensemble on the right on any day of the week, even sports carnival.

  11. Outfit on the right would be fine for casual wear, not the office, although I would personally want to exchange the cargos for a pair of capris with simple lines, and exchange the flip-flops with just about any shape leather flats, sandals or canvas shoes.
    The outfit on the left is just what I would pick.