Friday, June 17, 2011

The key to a small wardrobe

the laundry room where I live is actually NICER than this!

I'm a gym rat.  There.  I've put it in writing.  Now that I'm in the "actively looking for a job" stage of life (aka unemployed) I wear gym clothes almost any day I'm not going to be out and about.  And oh yes, I do go to the gym at least 5 times a week.  So what this results in, without fail, is mounds of laundry in our very small apartment which should NOT be allowed to... mature... shall we say.

Thus I've gotten into the habit of doing laundry every week.  And not just gym clothes - I do everything when I'm laundering.  

I'm discovering that this means that my favorite, flattering black pants are almost ALWAYS clean.  So the other black pants in my wardrobe stay, well, in my wardrobe and not on my body.  Ditto my best sweaters, tee shirts etc.

One of the things I've been building to show you all later in the summer is an illustrated vignette of what I've been wearing since the weather warmed up.  And it's not turning out to be a really long list - as soon as my three favorite pairs of pants are clean, I put one of them back on.  

As long as I'm diligent about keeping things clean and pressed, I can get by with a tiny, tiny wardrobe.

Vivienne could have told me this YEARS ago...


  1. I am slowly becoming diligent about keeping everything clean and pressed - ready to go. But it takes work and mindfulness to make it happen.

    I used to do laundry throughout the week when my husband's three kids were little. Now, I only do it on the weekends and let a big pile accumulate. Delicate items I do as needed during the week.

    By the way, I am in the process of paring down my wardrobe again and will be flipping hangers backwards as you suggested.

  2. Hello, hello,

    My daughter lives in Chicago. So, we'll talk. . .

    Lovely, lovely blog. Bravo.

  3. I'm ritualistic about laundry; I do it every Friday morning, hang up to dry, and do ironing either Friday afternoon or Monday morning. My mother always let the laundry go, and I sort of picked up that family chore and owned it. Maybe I'm just OCD and a control freak, but I rather like doing laundry and folding things!