Monday, June 20, 2011

Job Hunting: Insecurity, Rejection, Self-Doubt and a cry for feedback

I'm the LAST person who can complain about job hunting.  I'm getting quite a few expressions of interest, and I've already been on 3 interviews.  But it's still a gut-wrenching fight with rejection every day, and having to get up every morning and steel yourself for another day of hearing nothing back from your many e-mails takes it out of you.

The hardest thing for me seems to be figuring out what to wear.  Back in the day when we all wore our skirted suits with white shirts and little floppy silk bow ties, nude hosiery and sensible pumps, we didn't have to put any more thought into our clothing choices than a man did.  But now, with the range of what'd considered appropriate in the wide range of work environments that exist, it's a constant question.

Friday, I spent SIX hours at a company - taking tests, meeting people, going to lunch.  I wore what was illustrated above.  I was both the most "dressed-up" person in the place, and the oldest.  I wear pearls almost every day, so those really aren't negotiable.  Beyond that, I just can't see going into an interview wearing jeans, or sandals.  I have to be true to my own sense of my image; if it isn't compatible with a company, I guess I conclude that it's the wrong job for me.

Still and all, I felt good about how I looked.  I guess that's what's most important, eh?


  1. That outfit looks GREAT! I'm so happy for you that you're getting expressions of interest... I LOVE the attitude you have about finding the RIGHT job... Thanks for the advice. I started feeling sad because I've been job hunting and getting some interviews, but no job... I fight the rejection too... You've inspired me to keep looking for the RIGHT job and to continue to be true to myself. Merci! And good luck with the job hunt - I'm hoping to be reading you've found the right job soon!

  2. It's so hard to know what the culture and dress code of a company will be prior to the interview, short of setting up a stakeout by the front door! But that looks VERY appropriate for a variety of venues, and if you're comfortable with what you're wearing, you're going to put your best foot forward (so to speak) and do better in the interviews.

    Good luck to you, and I know the right thing will come along.

  3. Job hunting sucks! There's just no other way to describe it! I've been looking for a while and I've responded to over 250 job postings and I've had less that 10 interviews with no job offers. I'm starting to feel an insecurity that's developing into depression. If I don't find something in my field soon I'm in serious trouble. I'm starting to think flipping hamburgers is in my future.

    You are sounding positive, and I hope something turns up for you soon.


  4. I think you are hitting the correct balance in a job-hunting wardrobe. Even if jeans are daily wear at a company, I don't think they're interview standard.

    I think there are instances where a jacket could be replaced by a cardigan, etc., but I don't think we've hit the stage where jeans are acceptable for a "professional" interview.