Friday, June 24, 2011

Ironing - my secret love

La repasseuse - Pablo Picasso

My closest friends have known this for years - I really don't mind ironing.  

I've tried to assume a rational, grateful approach to ironing.  If I'm going to be able to look the way I want to look, I'm going to have to either iron my clothes or pay someone else to do it.  And other people, no matter how well-intentioned, will not be as careful as I am.

And if I really LIKE the clothes I own, it should be a pleasure to touch them, to care for them.  If I'm not willing to invest some of my time in the maintenance of my possessions, I need to reconsider why I purchase things at all.

Finally, I try to focus on the gratification of a closet full of immaculate clothing, or a drawer full of crisp, perfectly folded tee shirts.  The options that this presents me every morning are valuable to me, and any job well-done, no matter how mundane, should be a source of pride and a sense of accomplishment.

So while I can't put "master ironer" on my resume, I can carry it in my mind and my heart.  And that's what really matters, even in the throes of job-hunting!


  1. I adore ironing, too! And doing laundry (which you discussed a few days ago). When we move, I'm getting a spanking new ironing board, and I'm so very excited, and even more exciting I'll have a washer and dryer in a utility room juste pour moi! Caring for one's clothes is part of the fun.

    Good luck and many best wishes for your job search.

  2. When you get your new ironing board, consider getting an organic cotton cover for it. My board has an organic wool pad and cotton cover; ironing on it feels very virtuous!

  3. Ironing is very French! There are some other paintings that show women ironing--with bottles of alcohol nearby to assuage their misery. By Degas perhaps?

  4. I love ironing but I put it off for as long as possible. When I do it I like to have all the tools, things like spray starch, linen water and extra damp cloths to iron on so things don't get the wrong kind of shine. I use damask table napkins bought from second hand or antique shops and really like ironing them. I like using them even more.

  5. I love ironing too! I didn't use to like it because I lived in a tropical country (too hot!) and paying someone else to do it was not expensive at all. When we moved to North America and "everyone" said it was okay to wear clothes straight from the dryer, I found that I could not go about in un-ironed clothes. So I polished my skill and happily go about in crisp husband, too!

    I just discovered your blog and am happily backtrack reading. Thank you for writing!

  6. AT last....a kindred spirit!! I am tired of being mocked for saying that I LIKE my clothing ironed. When I said that I take a special iron when we travel(and we are definitely the train type of travellers)I had to actively defend myself!! DH and I wear jeans and Ts etc when we travel in Europe for many weeks at a time(coming from Australia, we have to make that long trip worth the effort...). We could NOT be called elegant,but I hate looking like I sleep in my clothes!!! Our children drive me crazy with their lack of ironing effort!! Bravo to all those who are the 'uncreased'!!

  7. I don't mind ironing, either. I usually get in a very Zen-like state. However, I am also blessed to have a good sized laundry room and my absolute best recent investment (Actually purchased with Air Miles) was a Rowenta garment steamer. That,and a foldable drying rack I can take outside if I want to make it possible for me to be very gentle to my clothes. I am very particular about what goes in the dryer. Heck, I even hand-wash the odd piece from time to time. Too much washing and drying is so hard on good clothes.

  8. While you are taking this month off, I've decided to go back through your archives, as I've come up enjoy reading your daily blog posts. I'm wondering, after you've come back, would you mind doing a "Start with Art" post? Thank you for your consideration.