Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to the roots of the Vivienne Files - part 6

A definite Vivienne "YES".

Vivienne's bottom line on wardrobe advice is to buy less, pay more, and focus, focus, 
focus. While to us her very limited wardrobe seems - well - very limited, she sees it as a 
clear statement of her personal style. If she walks into a store and something 
doesn't scream to her across the room, it just plain and simply doesn't go home with 

She has NEVER been tempted by Victorian, Gothic, Prairie, Grunge, Surfer, Safari, 
Garden Party or any other style like that - she calls them costumes, and doesn't mean 
that nicely. For someone for whom one or more of those looks was really compatible with 
their whole persona and self-image, it might work, but Vivienne is a straight soft fabric, 
clear color, classic cut person, and that's what she sticks with.

Only if the French military suddenly goes strapless...

Uh... never.

Another NEVER.

No.  Not even for her wedding. Although it resembles
a wedding dress I wore back in the early 80's.


  1. I'm definitely a Vivian...great post!

  2. That last photo too me back to the 80s instantly...Gunne Saxe (sp) dresses were my love. I only had one (in retrospect that was maybe a good thing) but I would swoon over their line at prom time. Love this post! xxBliss

  3. Vivienne's approach is the only sensible, economic, stylish way for an intelligent woman to dress. You can afford to purchase the $800 Gucci dress if you forego all of the other nonsense encountered at the spring and fall lines advertised in the magazines. Just make sure the Gucci dress fits you perfectly and underlines who you are as woman rather than wear you.